Clown With Fake Gun Flees Woman With Real One

Clown near woods - getty
Helen H. Richardson/ The Denver Post/Getty Images

On Wednesday night a clown in an SUV put his hands in the shape of a gun, pointed them at a woman, mouthed the words “bang,” then sped off when she pulled a real gun and pointed it toward him.

The incident occurred around 5:30 pm in Auburn, Maine.

According to the Lewiston-Auburn Sun Journal, the woman was sitting on her porch when the SUV stopped in front of her house. “The vehicle’s rear window went down” and a “scary clown” was in the backseat. She observed, “He had a red Afro wig on and a red nose” and “the smile was creepy — the painted-on one.” She first responded to the incident by laughing and saying, “I’m not afraid of clowns.” Then the clown formed his hands in the shape of a gun, pointed his fingers at her and mouthed the word “bang.”

At that point the woman responded by pulling a 9mm handgun and pointing it toward the clown. The SUV sped away.

The woman said, “I picked up my 9 mm — I didn’t point it at him directly,” the woman said, “and said, ‘Back at ya, clown.'”

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