Politico: ‘Obama Bros’ Learn to Love Hillary


Annie Karni writes in Politico that the young male staffers who helped elect Barack Obama and worked in his administration are now helping Obama’s erstwhile 2008 opponent Hillary Clinton.

From Politico:

The two former presidential aides, alongside fellow White House alums Tommy Vietor and Jon Lovett, are known as the quintessential “Obama bros” — a reference to the largely-male group of young, hard-working (and hard-partying) operatives who helped Obama knock off Clinton in 2008, then followed him into the White House. Once among the toughest Clinton critics, they have become a unique and seemingly ubiquitous clique this election, manning their own bomb-throwing spin room for Clinton. With big followings on Twitter and a popular political podcast, “Keepin it 1600,” they act as wingmen for Clinton’s official spin shop — freer to drop bombs on Trump than her more constrained, chain-of-command-bound Brooklyn team.

For Favreau, at least, there is some penance driving him, in addition to his gut-level fear of Trump. “I started off my political career not liking her very much at all,” he said of Clinton. “I developed a very different view of her in the White House, and thought we might have helped contribute, during the 2008 race, to the caricature of her that so many people have right now.” Today, he calls her “an extraordinarily talented, brilliant public servant who should be president.”

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