Bill Clinton Attacks Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ Theme

Bill Clinton

Tuesday during a campaign stop at Montgomery County Community College’s Parkhouse Atrium in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, Bill Clinton attacked Donald Trump on his campaign theme of “Make America Great Again.”

During his speech, Bill Clinton drew a stark contrast between his wife’s campaign slogan of “Stronger Together” and her Republican opponent’s slogan of “Make America Great Again.”

“That slogan is not just about politics. It’s about a way of thinking and a way of living. And I really believe that’s what this is about,” Clinton said of his wife’s campaign slogan.

“I know what ‘great again’ means,” Clinton said, referring to his upbringing in the rural south. “It means vote for me and I will make all your problems go away by giving you the economy you used to have, and oh, by the way, I will move you back up to the first spot on the social totem pole.” Bill Clinton went on to say that “Hillary Clinton would do away with the social totem pole entirely.”

In keeping with the upbeat message he gave Monday during his New Hampshire campaign stops, Bill Clinton promised, “A second Clinton presidency would end gridlock in Washington.” However, he did recognize that Hillary Clinton, as president, would face an uphill battle to reach that goal. Monday, Hillary Clinton’s favorite Republican, Sen. John McCain, vowed that Republicans would block anyone Hillary Clinton nominates to the Supreme Court.

During an odd moment in his speech, Bill Clinton said, “I’ve tried to run for her on her behalf when I’ve gone around on my little bus tours around rural Iowa and rural Ohio, and I’m gonna do one in western Pennsylvania. I’m about to go to north Florida and do one.”

Hillary Rodham Clinton is currently preparing for the final debate Wednesday night in Las Vegas. Bill Clinton has been out on the campaign trail nearly non-stop, making more appearances than has Hillary Rodham Clinton herself.