Pat Caddell: Donald Trump Can Win on Issues, Not by Letting Media Make It About Him


Pat Caddell spoke with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow Wednesday morning about what Donald Trump can do to win both Wednesday’s presidential debate and the election.

“He has got to avoid being so personal,” said Caddell. “It is a much bigger election. He’s got to say to people, ‘It’s not about me. This election is about you, and they have tried to turn it into about me.'”

He continued, “It is at that level that he can win this debate decisively. It is at that level that the election is still to be won. But he gets off on these tangents, which are not the strongest grounds, as he’s been doing the last few days with the ‘rigging of the election.’ It diminishes everything else.”

As for issues, said Caddell, “The more he makes this thing on the refugees and on the economy, particularly – and on the question of the foreign policy of this country and what have you, the more that people who disagree with what is going on … they are the movable voters and they are overwhelmingly with him on these issue differences.”

“The real argument for him here is, it’s not about him and her. The real issue is who’s going to run the country. And issue after issue, he has got those issues. We’ve talked about that,” Caddell added.

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