Robert Creamer Visited Obama’s White House 340 Times

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The political consulting firm Democracy Partners is at the center of the Project Veritas investigation exposing Democrat operatives instigating violence at Trump rallies and plotting potential voter fraud.

Robert Creamer is the founder of Democracy Partners and a frequent visitor to the Obama White House. Logs show Creamer making 340 visits to the White House, with 45 of those meetings including President Obama.

As reported by Breitbart News, Creamer issued a statement after the first two videos that he was “stepping back” from his “responsibilities working with the campaign.” Interim DNC Chairman Donna Brazile  tried to put distance between the DNC and Democracy Partners in a statement by saying, “the practices described in the video by this temporary regional sub-contractor do not in any way comport with our long standing policies on organizing events.”
Besides his regular visits to the White House, Creamer’s own statements contradict Brazile’s claim that Democracy Partners was just a bit player in the Clinton campaign and the DNC. Breitbart News detailed the connection between Creamer and the campaign in an article about the original video released exclusively by Breitbart this Monday:

In one hidden camera video, filmed at Creamer’s Washington, D.C. office, Creamer explains that Hillary Clinton is aware of “all” of his activities, directly or indirectly, and that Democracy Partners has a daily conference call with the Clinton campaign, as well as frequent calls with the White House.

Creamer’s meetings at the White House include two meetings with President Obama in March 2011 and June 2013 where the total number of people is listed as just two. Presumably, just Creamer and Obama.

Another character in the investigative videos is Scott Foval who was removed from his job at Americans United for Change as a result of the Project Veritas investigation. In the second O’Keefe video, Foval paints a dark picture of Creamer saying, “Bob Creamer is diabolical and I love him for it.” While discussing the potential voter fraud plot, Foval credits Creamer for “coming up with most of these ideas,” and describes Democracy Partners as a “dark hat.”

In a statement on their Facebook page Democracy Partners claims it is the victim of a “well-funded, systematic spy operation that is the modern day equivalent of the Watergate burglars.”

Creamer boasts having “more than four decades” as a political organizer and strategist on his Democracy Partners page. His bio also details a long history working with the DNC at the presidential campaign level stating:

During the 2008 and 2012 Presidential Elections he worked with the Democratic National Committee as a consultant to the Obama Presidential Campaign coordinating field based rapid response to Republican Presidential candidates.

During his career, Creamer has worked on hundreds of electoral campaigns at the local, state and national level.

Besides trying to downplay the role of Creamer, the DNC is using an attack-the-messenger strategy by attacking O’Keefe to deflect from the content of the videos.  Brazile called O’Keefe a “convicted criminal with a history of doctoring video to advance his ideological agenda.”

In a statement on their Facebook page Democracy Partners claims it is the victim of a “well-funded, systematic spy operation that is the modern day equivalent of the Watergate burglars.”

O’Keefe tweeted out this video announcing the resignation of Creamer:

Dustin Stockton and Chris Tomlinson also contributed to this article.


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