Washington Post: Paul Ryan Next Target for Populist Movement

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Robert Costa writes in the Washington Post that the “first post-election target” of the populist and nationalist movement that propelled GOP nominee Donald Trump’s campaign will likely be the Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

From the Washington Post:

The first post-election target for the grievance movement is likely to be House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.), who has drawn Trump’s wrath for not supporting him more fully. Trump’s backers, both inside the House Republican caucus and out, are already talking about a takedown.

Fox News host and Trump ally Sean Hannity said in an interview after the debate that Ryan was a “saboteur” and “needed to be called out and replaced.” Hannity said he would actively urge hard-line conservatives to launch bids against Ryan.

“The revolt that has been going on in the Republican Party, that brought Trump to where he is, is not going away. If anything, it’s going to intensify,” said Patrick J. Caddell, a veteran Democratic strategist who advises Breitbart, the Trump-aligned website, on polling.

“Republicans are living in a dream world if they think their voters are going to stop fighting the political class,” Caddell said. “What has happened will metamorphosize. The American people will not go gently into the good night of obscurity.”

At the fore of this conglomeration is Stephen K. Bannon, the former head of Breitbart who has become Trump’s most influential confidant. Bannon encouraged the candidate’s claims of voter fraud and references to a deeply corrupt global conspiracy of international banks and corporate-friendly politicians.

“What the media misses is the amount of anger that’s out there. Trump didn’t create that,” Bannon told CNN late Tuesday in a rare interview.

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