Wikileaks Implies It Will Leak Information About Chief Clinton Campaign Strategist


Wikileaks implied in a tweet Sunday that it will leak information about Clinton’s chief campaign strategist.

“@benensonj We have a surprise for you #JBSurprise,” Wikileaks tweeted at chief Clinton campaign strategist Joel Benenson.

Wikileaks used the same “surprise” language with Democratic National Committee head Donna Brazile and Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine last week putting them on notice for future leaks.

Wikileaks repeated the threat with a tweet aimed at Meet the Press and Kaine, saying, “@MeetThePress @timkaine We have a surprise for @TimKaine #TKSurprise.”

Kaine addressed one of the emails from the John Podesta leaks that said Kaine was notified of his nomination for the vice presidency in 2015 while on Meet the Press Sunday, The Hill reports.

“The one that referred to me is flat-out incorrect,” said Kaine.

Wikileaks is still getting over its share of bad news for the week.

The Ecuadorian embassy in London shut off Wikileaks editor Julian Assange’s Internet access last week and on Saturday Wikileaks “mentor” Gavin MacFadyen died of lung cancer.


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