Senior Trump Adviser: Administration Will ‘Drain The Media Swamp’ by Opposing Mega-Mergers

TOPSHOT - Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks during a rally at Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on October 10, 2016. / AFP / DOMINICK REUTER (Photo credit should read

A senior economic adviser to Donald Trump tells Breitbart News the Republican presidential nominee would “drain the media swamp” by opposing mega-mergers between the handful of large corporations that control almost all media outlets in the U.S.

Peter Navarro compared breaking up the oligopolies to “draining the media swamp.” (An oligopoly occurs when a few companies control the market.) These oligopolies work to keep the status quo in place no matter how many millions of American workers are affected by global trade deals, he says. Navarro told SiriusXM host Matthew Boyle on Breitbart News Sunday.

So how does this apply in the digital age? Well, check it out: What we’ve got are these large media conglomerates basically monopolizing the flow of information, intruding on our private information, and pursuing agendas through their media outlets which are consistent with their own profit-maximizing goals, including things like shipping our factories off shore and our jobs off shore… and controlling the narrative and the flow of information to make sure people like Hillary Clinton get in office so they will go along with that media agenda.

I’ve seen a lot of elections. This is the worst I’ve ever seen in the terms of the breakdown of the wall that’s supposed to [be] between the editorial function of these media outlets, print or electronic, and the news reporter. That wall has been crushed.

Navarro also criticized the “media swamp” controlling the flow of news and information in the U.S.

“It’s a perversion of our electoral process in a way which is designed to put a candidate in office, to maintain the status quo, which is killing American workers, killing American factories, killing the American economy,” he said. “And this is a conversation that needs to be out there.”

Asked if Trump’s trust-busting policy would win over voters who don’t typically lean Republican, Navarro said: “It’s a mistake to believe that Trump’s base is the Republican party as we’ve known it. Trump’s base is actually the independents… And he’s bringing in the Republican party. He’s a totally different Republican.”

“He has transformed the Republican party and it’s never going back,” he added. An independent electorate, he says, should get its information from a fiercely independent media. “That’s Donald Trump’s version and vision of how this should go. And I think that resonates with a lot of people across the ideological spectrum.”

Navarro also slammed the “disgusting” lack of media coverage of the explosive Wikileaks emails.

“The fact that John Podesta still is employed by the Clinton campaign and walks around arm-in-arm with Hillary Clinton tells you just how wrong this is. Because in any other circumstance, that guy would have been gone within the first email,” he said. “Yet somehow he walks around like, ‘Oh, I guess this is business as usual’… But the media’s not reporting it.”

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