WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton ‘Felt Strongly’ About Avoiding Defense of Planned Parenthood After Video Scandal

Darren McCollester/Getty Images
Darren McCollester/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton’s speechwriter Dan Schwerin wrote to campaign staff that Clinton “felt strongly” about not defending Planned Parenthood in a then upcoming speech to the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) for fear the abortion giant’s video scandal could slow her campaign.

In the email thread that begins July 15, 2015, released by WikiLeaks, Schwerin informs the staff he is sending a first draft of Clinton’s speech to the IDP dinner, asking for their feedback on the speech. He notes, however, specifically about Planned Parenthood:

Given the growing controversy over the leaked Planned Parenthood video, with Boehner calling for hearings and other GOPers piling on, we should think about whether this is a good time to join the battle and come to Planned Parenthood’s defense, or whether it’s wiser to stay away. For now, its [sic] in here.

Two days later, however, Schwerin wrote to the campaign staff, “HRC felt strongly about not touching Planned Parenthood right now. Jen [likely Palmieri] talked to her about it so perhaps could elaborate.”

Since the release of the Planned Parenthood video series that alleges the abortion business sells the body parts of babies aborted in its clinics for a profit, the organization has been attempting to suppress further exposure and seeking cover from its media and political allies, especially Clinton, who says she is a longtime “friend” of the group.

Planned Parenthood has spent more than $20 million to help elect Clinton, and has been registering people to vote at all of its clinics, on college campuses, and online as well.


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