Man Asks for Apology Instead of Pressing Charges Against Teens Who Stole Trump Signs

Mark Makela/Getty Images
Mark Makela/Getty Images

A man offered the teenagers who stole his Trump signs outside his business in North Carolina the chance to apologize instead of pressing charges against them.

VIDEO: Teens Steal Trump Signs, Owner Asks for Apology Instead of Charges

Surveillance video showed a teenager running across the street and taking down the signs Saturday, WBTV reported.

Wade Moose, the owner of the business, handed over the video to Hickory police.

“The officer said, ‘are you going to press charges?’ and I said, ‘absolutely, if you want me to,’” Moose said.

But Moose and the officer decided against the idea, instead giving the teens a chance to bring the signs back and apologize.

Moose agreed that he would not press charges if they brought the signs back.

“Since they had clean records and they were young nice guys, he asked me to not press charges,” Moose said.

The teens apologized to Moose Thursday afternoon.

“I’m human and when I was your age, I made mistakes too. and I learned from them,” Moose told the teens.

The teens re-assembled each of the stolen signs in their rightful places.

The teens said they were just having fun and don’t plan on voting for either candidate in the election.

“It was just a joke, but as you can see all this happened,” one said.

“When people are ignorant and think it’s funny to take signs down because they’re not for that particular candidate, they’re taking the right of free speech away from an individual,” Moose said.

Moose hopes the two were able to learn a lesson from all of this, and offered the boys a job if they ever needed one.

“Hopefully they can learn something from this and maybe this will do them or somebody else some good,” he said.


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