Trump Communications Advisor: Internal Polls Show Trump ‘In Dead Heat’ With Clinton in Michigan, New Mexico

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Donald Trump communications advisor Jason Miller stated on a New York radio station Friday that the campaign’s internal polls show the billionaire real estate mogul tied with Hillary Clinton in traditionally blue states such as Michigan.

“The battleground states are becoming very important,” Miller told 77 WABC host Rita Cosby. “New polling out today in Florida showing that Mr. Trump is ahead by four points, in Florida. “North Carolina, we show ourselves with a slight lead there. Ohio, there have been multiple polls showing Mr. Trump ahead. And get this: In both New Mexico and Michigan, we’re showing dead heats in those states. So watch those states very closely.”

There is “talk of Hillary Clinton supposedly going on offense in red states,” Miller continued. “She’s campaigning in blue states, and we’re making a play in blue states. That gives you a sense of the energy and momentum in this race. We’re the ones on offense.”

Cosby asked him if he believed Michigan and New Mexico, who traditionally vote Democrat in presidential elections, are up for grabs.

“I think they definitely can be in play,” Miller replied.


“Hillary has this thirty-year record of not delivering,” Miller added. “And I think too many communities, particularly Democratic-based constituencies, are looking at Hillary Clinton and saying: You’re taking our vote for granted. What have you done for us? And especially in a state like Michigan, especially Michigan, where Hillary Clinton has had a role in all of the terrible trade deals from NAFTA, to TPP, to all of these things that have led to or continued to lead to the loss of American jobs.”


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