‘Whatever It Takes:’ Raheem Kassam Talks UKIP, Trump, Awakening the Globalist Beast with Curt Schilling

Raheem Kassam:Whatever It Takes

The editor-in-chief of Breitbart London and a candidate for the leadership of the United Kingdom Independence Part, or UKIP, joined Curt Schilling on the flamethrower’s weekday talk show Whatever It Takes online at Breitbart.com from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

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“The United Kingdom Independence Party is the patriotic party in Britain,” said Raheem Kassam, who joined Schilling on the phone from England.

Kassam said it was members of UKIP who led the fight for Brexit, or Britain’s exit from the European Union, headquartered in Brussels. “… Patriots in the United Kingdom, who wanted to wrestle the country and their independence back from the Brussels bureaucrats, who have lorded over us now for 43 years.”

Despite the establishment’s opposition to the Brexit referendum, it garnered a majority on June 23, and the political fallout forced David Cameron to resign as the prime minister.

The victory came as a shock because all the polls showed that the “Remain” side had a safe lead going into the actual vote.

Kassam said, “By Jove, we did it.”

But, in the aftermath of the Brexit win, two realities have become clear: UKIP has lost its way and the establishment forces in the United States were alerted to the possibility of Donald J. Trump winning the election, he said.

Because of infighting, UKIP has slipped into irrelevance, which is why Kassam said he is running for the party’s leadership.

Schilling said he was thrilled that Kassam was running to lead the party, but he also noticed that the left and the media in Britain are going off the cliff about him.

An example of how the media reacts is an article in the lefty New Statesman, “The rise of Raheem Kassam, Nigel Farage’s back-room boy,” which goes delves into Kassam’s relationship with his parents, his former employers, and suggests that he has himself photographed drinking beer so that other UKIP members will not be afraid that he is a practicing Muslim:

Kassam has one big advantage going into the election on 28 November: the support of Ukip’s mega-donor, Arron Banks. He will stand against the party’s former deputy chairwoman Suzanne Evans – who is backed by its only MP, Douglas Carswell – and the former deputy leader Paul Nuttall, who has declared himself the “unity candidate.”

Kassam, 30, was born in Hillingdon, west London, to Tanzanian parents of Gujarati descent. They are practising Muslims but their son says he has not followed the faith for a decade.

Like Evans, he came into politics through the Conservative Party, and sat on the board of its youth wing. Although his political colours have changed since then, his allegiance has always been to the far right: he once listed Barry Goldwater, the Republican senator who voted against the Civil Rights Act and was defeated by Lyndon Johnson in the 1964 US presidential race, as a hero.

As for alerting the establishment that Trump could win, Kassam simply apologized.

“Unfortunately, for you on the the right, it woke up the big beast out there, the big globalist beast, the people like George Soros, indeed,” he said.

Now, the establishment is engaged, he said.

“They are ploughing resources into your fight, to keep Donald Trump out of the White House–and I am very sorry for that–But, we had to get our country back.”

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