Clinton Server Specialist on Hacks: ‘We’d Be Susceptible to Such an Attack’

Hillary Hands over Blackberry AP

The man who set up Hillary Clinton’s private email server told a fellow Clinton computer specialist that Clinton’s email system was “susceptible to such an attack.” The men were discussing a series of hack attempts on the Clinton email server.

Bryan Pagliano, who built Clinton’s server over a period of months in a K Street office in Washington, D.C., told former Bill Clinton aide Justin Cooper that the system was vulnerable, according to newly released emails obtained by Judicial Watch.

“The failed logon attempts on the 27th were for username doug and dougband, the failed logon attempts on the 29th were for username huma. Would be useful to know if it was them who tried to log in…,” Pagliano wrote to Cooper on November 29, 2010.

Pagliano emailed Cooper again the next day.

“Weird, looks like the attack came from and started at around 5pm. It’s a company called OpenDNS, they are a fairly reputable organization. The traffic seems to have cleared up at about 11:50pm. I wonder if they had someone launching an attack from their servers,” Pagliano wrote.

“That may explain the DNS issue we had earlier. Might have been an injection attack. We use their servers to resolve external websites for both the sbs and blackberry server so we’d be susceptible to such an attack,” Pagliano wrote.

As Breitbart News reported, Hillary Clinton admitted in a private paid speech that she was continuously hacked by the Russians and Chinese. Clinton ignored a State Department order to stop using her non-secure Blackberry. Clinton’s server had an open webmail portal allowing even mediocre hackers unlimited access to the classified information in her emails.


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