Biden Attacked Trump for His Positions on NATO

Biden in Charlotte AP
Charlotte, NC

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina–Vice President Joe Biden addressed a crowd of about one hundred and seventy-five people in Charlotte, North Carolina Tuesday night. In an effort to forge unity between the two moderate wings of the Republican and Democrat parties, Biden told the crowd that he had thirty-five Republican senators who are more than willing to work with him and Democrats.

However, because they are intimidated by the more conservative or far right flank of the Republican party threatening them with primary opponents, they could not. He stressed to the crowd that in order to empower and “free” these thirty-five Republican senators, Democrats must take back the Senate. When the Republicans are not in power, Biden pointed out, they do not have the same kind of pressure on them and they are more willing to work with Democrats.

Biden said that he has received many calls from those thirty-five Senators saying, “Joe you know we agree with you on this, but we can’t support it,” because of their fear of getting primaried.

In a major point of divergence from Republican nominee Donald Trump, Biden downplayed the threat that China poses to the United States. Biden stated that China is going to open up and does not have enough energy or water to be a threat.

In an effort to reach out to women voters, Biden said that if all of the backlogged rape cases in the United States were properly handled, seventy percent of the incidents would be solved.

On the topic of foreign policy, Biden told a story about how he had to go to the Baltic Nations and give a speech that he equated to a State of the Union address. He assured them that the United States would still support and defend them. Then Biden proceeded to attack Trump for his positions on NATO. He also indicated that Donald Trump was playing into the “thug” Putin’s hands by denying and disagreeing with the seventeen national experts claiming that Russian hackers had indeed obtained the Podesta emails.

To open the rally, Democratic Senate candidate Deborah Ross spent the majority of her time talking about her own race and the struggles she is facing instead of introducing the Vice President and stumping for Hillary. Ross pointed out that, in North Carolina, you can register to vote until November 5th at any early polling location, in an effort to stress the importance of getting people out to vote–especially for her race.

Biden spent a great deal of time during his speech stumping for Deborah Ross as opposed to Hillary Clinton. However, he did attack the Republican candidate multiple times throughout his speech.   

In a more ironic moment, Biden stated that “People should get fired for not doing their jobs,” whilst ignoring the latest chapter of the Hillary Clinton email scandal.