EXCLUSIVE–Ivanka Praises Enthusiasm for a Trump Presidency: ‘He’s Surging across the Board’

Ivanka Trump jokes with a student about his height during a campaign stop for her father,
AP Photo/Jim Cole

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — Ivanka Trump is praising the enthusiasm, passion and love she sees and feels while campaigning for her father ahead of next Tuesday’s election.

Trump tells Breitbart News that the polls indicate voters see her father as a catalyst for change.

“He’s surging across the board,” Ivanka told Breitbart News during an exclusive interview Thursday morning at The Founders Academy charter school in Manchester, New Hampshire. She says her father is closing the gap and taking the lead in many swing states across the country. “It’s been amazing for me the past 24-hours. I’ve been in North Carolina, Michigan and now New Hampshire and the spirit and enthusiasm for a Trump presidency is enormous and it’s incredibly exciting.”

In the past week, Trump has narrowed his opponent’s lead in many key battleground states like Virginia and Colorado, according to recent polls. The Republican nominee even took the lead this week in new polls in North Carolina, Florida and New Hampshire.

Ivanka Trump noted a statistic that roughly 70 percent of voters believe the country is heading in the wrong direction, and explained that the polls are now reflecting that people see her father as an antidote to that.

“It’s great we are seeing it now in the polls, but really in a more meaning personal level, I feel it in every community I enter, every highway I drive down where you see the signs,” she explained, adding:

It’s a message of change, but really I allow my father to speak for himself…he’s had a consistent platform from the beginning of his campaign. He’s been an advocate for better trade deals, for putting this country back to work, for school choice and repealing common core and bringing education back to a local level. There’s so many things and…his side of the [issues] really resignate with the people.”

“The enthusiasm, the passion and the love is so heart felt,” Ivanka added. “And the optimism about what this country has the potential to be under the right leadership.”

Ivanka and her siblings — Don Jr., Eric, and Tiffany — have been campaigning hard for their father with each of them holding a number of events across the country in battleground states this week.

She went on to praise her father for his leadership capabilities, saying there are really few great leaders in both business and politics.

“I like to share with people who he is as a person, who he was as a father and who he is leader at the Trump Organization,” Ivanka told Breitbart News, adding that she’s learned so much from him both personally and professionally as a role model.

It’s hard to be a great leader. It’s hard to be an inspiring leader. There are a lot of people who manage…but they’re not leaders and my father really is a leader. He sets a very bold and a very big vision for what he wants to accomplish and then he puts in place the people who will be able to execute upon that ambitious goal and he helps them a long the way and he often times realizes in people their potential.

“He’s been a great inspiration in that regards and as a father our family is very close. As a parent now myself…I no longer take for granted that it’s easy to be a good parent,” she noted on a personal level. “It’s tough to be a good parent and to have a connected loving family. He’s been an unbelievable father to me and my siblings and I feel very blessed for that and very grateful.”


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