Exclusive–Michele Bachmann: Minnesota is in Play

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally, Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016, in Minneapolis. ()
AP Photo/ Evan Vucci

Michele Bachmann, a four-term Minnesota congresswoman and 2012 GOP candidate for president, tells Breitbart News her home state is within Donald Trump’s reach.

“I was at the rally yesterday, and I spoke,” Bachmann said. She retired in 2015.

Bachmann said 17,000 people applied for an entry pass to a last-minute rally.

“People were lined up outside, they couldn’t get into this huge airline hangar–the noise was deafening when Donald Trump was on stage,” she said.

“The reason we saw this authentic, massive turnout with virtually no notice for people to come to the hangar–on a November day in Minnesota–is because people are waking up,” she said.

In the state of Minnesota, Obamacare premiums are going up 67 percent this year, the former congresswoman said.

“That’s on top of double-digit increases last year, and the year before, and the year before and the year before,” she said. “The people are seeing through these fraudulent promises.”

Bachmann spoke to Breitbart News while campaigning in Wisconsin. Before campaigning for Trump in Minnesota, she was in Western Pennsylvania.

In 2012, President Barack Obama beat Mitt Romney in Minnesota with 53 percent of the vote to Romney’s 45 percent.

Vice President George H.W. Bush was the last Republican to win Minnesota when he defeated Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis there in 1988.


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