Exclusive: StopHillaryPAC Leader on the Millions Spent for Benghazi Ad Moving People to Trump


Former Colorado state senator Ted Harvey spoke with Breitbart News about the StopHillaryPAC Benghazi ad, which the group raised over $2 million to run in Arizona, Colorado and, after this interview, in North Carolina.

“We know they’re having a significant impact when voters have a chance to see them,” said Harvey, speaking of running the ad in Arizona. Harvey, honorary chairman of StopHillaryPAC, said Arizona is more of a swing state than people realize based on polls. He pointed out that Michelle Obama was in Arizona and that that was an indication of the Democrats believing that Arizona is in play.

Harvey said that the ads appear to be more effective with undecideds and millennials. The effectiveness of the ads on millennials has played into the decision to put money into running the ads on electronic media. The reason was that millennials and some undecideds get their television on the internet.

“[Democratic Party presidential nominee] Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt individual ever to run for President of the United States,” Harvey told Breitbart News.

“Republicans need to get out and make their voice heard. Make sure she doesn’t win this race.”

Harvey said that he had been a Cruz delegate to the Republican National Convention, but that ultimately, of the many Cruz delegates from Colorado, “I think all but one or two of our entire delegation is wholly on board to make sure that Hillary doesn’t win and Trump is the nominee, and he’s the tool we have to ensure that that doesn’t happen.”

The former legislator said that he originally campaigned for Sen. Rand Paul in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana, but that when Paul dropped out he advocated for Sen. Ted Cruz in Colorado.

“As soon as Trump was the [Republican Party presidential] nominee, then I endorsed Trump and the Stop HillaryPAC endorsed Trump,” said Harvey. “He’s the nominee, we have to do everything we can to get him over the finish line.”

Asked about whether he thinks Benghazi is a particularly motivating issue for voters, Harvey said that one of the Wikileaks Podesta emails pointed to concern from the Clinton camp about the StopHillaryPAC Benghazi commercials.

“We’ve done a number of commercials over the past two years. The last couple months we focus grouped all of the commercials to see what had the best impact of moving undecided voters, and this commercial in particular was the one that was the most effective in getting undecided voters to move from Hillary to Trump, and obviously that’s the number one goal of our efforts is to move those unaffiliated in our direction,” he added.

The PAC tested these ads before deciding to run the same ad in several markets. The group raised and spent over $2 million to run the ad. The ads have been running for weeks leading up to Election Day.

North Carolina has been pegged as a very important swing state in the 2016 presidential election. A Politico average of five recent polls puts Trump and Clinton within two tenths of one percent, Clinton at 46 percent and Trump at 45.8.

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