‘You Voted Trump!’ Shock Video Shows White Man Viciously Beaten in Chicago After Election


A viral video from after Tuesday’s election shows a white man in Chicago beaten viciously in the middle of a street, then dragged down the street with his hand stuck in the back window of a car — as a crowd capturing the attack on video accuses him of supporting president-elect Donald Trump.

Two videos of the attack have gone viral despite being pulled from YouTube.


“You voted Trump! You voted Trump! Daaaaaaaamn!” an off-camera voice screams. Others can be heard saying, “You gonna pay for that shit!” and “Beat his ass!” Another laughs as the man is beaten, saying, “Don’t vote Trump.”

In another video, the death threat-laced rap song “Fuck Donald Trump” is played as two black men punch and kick the white victim. One of the assailants enters a car parked in the middle of an intersection, and when the victim tries to open the driver door, another attacker hits him in the head from behind. The white man tries to open a passenger door through an open window, but the driver accelerates, and the beaten man is dragged.


Chicago police have told reporters they are investigating the incident.

Establishment news outlets such as CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS have not reported on the shocking video at the time of this writing.


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