Washington Examiner: Conservatives Praise Steve Bannon as Trump’s Chief Strategist

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The Washington Examiner’s “Washington Secrets” columnist Paul Bedard reports on the conservative movement’s praise for President-elect Donald Trump’s choice of Stephen K. Bannon as senior counselor and chief strategist.

From the Washington Examiner:

“The naming of Steve Bannon as counselor to the president and chief strategist is a good omen,” two time presidential candidate and author Patrick J. Buchanan told Secrets.

“It shows that Donald Trump rewards loyalty, is unintimidated by Political Correctness, and recognizes that populism and America First nationalism are indispensable elements of the Republican Party of the future,” said Buchanan.

Conservative pioneer Richard Viguerie called Bannon “indepensible” who “will do more than balance” the mainstream Republicans likely to join the Trump White House. “I hope he is just the first of many,” Viguerie told Secrets.

“It’s at this point that conservatives normally begin losing faith, watching the Republican president-elect reach out to do-nothing moderates to guide his administration,” said Media Research Center founder Brent Bozell. “With Bannon as chief strategist, the revolution continues. And that is good,” he said, also adding praise for Trump’s pick of Republican Party chief Reince Priebus as White House chief of staff.

One of the nation’s preeminent biographers of Ronald Reagan, Craig Shirley, said, “Steve Bannon is a friend and a great patriot. He is at the vanguard of history and not the smear merchant bystanders of the corrupt liberal media.” His colleague at the public affairs firm Shirley & Banister and the group Citizens for the Republic, Diana Banister, added, “Bravo Breitbart’s Steve Bannon, friend to the forgotten man, brilliant political strategist with the tenacity and genius to drain the swamp!”

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