Anti-Trump Activist Launches Effort to Open Permanent Campaign HQ in Washington, D.C.

Washington D.C.

An anti-Trump activist has announced plans to open offices for a permanent headquarters near the White House and the Capitol building to organize four years of constant protests against President Donald Trump.

Naming her effort “District 13” after the evil governing district in the young adult book series The Hunger Games, activist Moumita Ahmed hopes to have her operation up and running before Trump’s inauguration day, according to the Hill.

Ahmed, a former Bernie Sanders organizer and admitted socialist, claimed the effort was meant to “make sure we hold [Trump] accountable.”

“Because his presidency is not normal at all. It’s our duty to make sure he doesn’t succeed,” Ahmed added. “If he succeeds it’s a message that everything he stood for is OK. That it’s OK to get to power in the way that he did, and hurt all the people he’s hurt,” she said.

Ahmed, whose Twitter handle is “disruptionary,” is attempting to set herself up as the head of the anti-Trump resistance and has launched a donation page for like-minded Trump haters to join her.

During the 2016 Democrat primaries, Ahmed claimed that she was physically attacked by a Hillary Clinton supporter, and she insisted that DNC staffers stood by and did nothing to help her.

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