Root: Run The Reagan Playbook for a Successful Trump Presidency

Joe Raedle/Getty Images, Rusty Kennedy/AP Photo

At New Years, many of us dream of all the great changes and improvements we hope to see in the next 12 months.

So here’s a very special New Years wish: I hope and pray (and fervently believe) that Donald Trump is the new Ronald Reagan.

A large majority of Americans have told pollsters they are unhappy with the direction of the country. Liberals and the mainstream media (I know, I repeat myself) keep suggesting it’s not going to be easy for President-elect Trump to change direction…or to turn around the U.S. economy and save the middle class. They say Washington D.C. doesn’t change easily.

Really? I think it’s pretty simple. Just replicate Ronald Reagan.

I’ve been searching for decades for the new Reagan to “Make America Great Again.” I’ve been searching for a president who would reward the economic engine of America- SMALL BUSINESS. And reward the people who value work ethic, personal responsibility and rugged individualism, over cradle to grave government dependency.

That was precisely how Reagan created the greatest economic expansion in world history- by incentivizing the only people who matter to an economy- the business owners, financial risk-takers and job creators.

Americans remember Reagan’s smile…his jokes…his positive attitude. They think that was the key to Reagan’s success. Even conservatives forget (after 30+ years) what Reagan accomplished…and how he did it. What made Reagan great was simple: cutting taxes from 70 percent to 28 percent and also dramatically cutting regulations. What a powerful economic one-two punch.

That’s all he did to turn the Jimmy Carter disaster into “morning in America.” It really was that simple.

It’s no coincidence Reagan and Trump share the same campaign theme: “Make America Great Again.” That simple game plan reinvigorated entrepreneurs and turned around the economy in the 1980’s. Reagan “Made America Great Again.” Trump’s plan will do exactly the same.

It’s all about the taxes, stupid.

Lower taxes reward the work ethic. Lower taxes encourage the people that matter (business owners and job creators) to want to risk and invest our money, achieve, produce, and contribute.

Reagan’s tax cuts turned the misery, malaise, decline, depression and disaster of the Carter years into the greatest economic expansion in world history.

Don’t believe me? Let’s look at some of what Reagan accomplished:

  • Reagan’s low taxes produced an era of prosperity unlike anything in history. Under Reagan, the economy exploded. $30 trillion in goods and services was created.
  • Net assets including stocks and real estate went up by $5 trillion- an increase of 50 percent.
  • Reagan’s low tax policies created nearly 20 million jobs in a short span, increasing US employment by a remarkable 20 percent.
  • In one year alone the GDP increased by 6.8 percent- the largest increase in 50 years.
  • In only 7 years the economy grew by a staggering one third.

The economic boom lasted 92 consecutive months-the longest peacetime boom in world history. It shattered the previous record of 58 months by almost 60 percent.

Donald Trump’s plan to cut both taxes and regulations is positively Reagan-esque. It’s a blast from the past. Like Reagan, Trump is relentlessly pro business, pro entrepreneurship and pro capitalism.

Trump is on the side of the makers, not the takers. Trump’s plan is great for the people who get up to work each day and pay into the system. Finally. Someone is relentless on our side.

Trump’s plan is just like Reagan’s: simple, lower, fairer and flatter individual and corporate taxes; dramatic cuts in regulations; reign in job killers like the EPA, Energy Dept, IRS and U.N. Paris Agreement on climate change; stick a stake through the heart of Obamacare; and use Executive Actions to erase all of Obama’s job-killing Executive Actions.

If Trump replicates Reagan, we will all be enjoying many prosperous Happy New Years to come.

Happy New Year 2017. Yes, dreams do come true. With Trump in charge the America Dream is alive and well.


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