Woman Only Given Probation Despite Allegedly Admitting She Raped 13-Year-Old Boy

Smyrna Police Department
Smyrna Police Department
Dover, DE

A Delaware woman was only sentenced to probation despite admitting to the court that she forced sexual conduct onto her daughter’s 13-year-old boyfriend, reports reveal.

Dover resident Elaine B. Goodman, 44, reportedly admitted to raping her daughter’s boyfriend but received only a two-year probationary period. She faced up to 15 years in prison on the charges.

During her trial, it is reported, Goodman asked the child, “What are you doing with a body like that at 13?”

Police state she spent some time warming the boy up for sexual contact by texting him and calling him, before finally cajoling him to meet her in private for sex.

“During the investigation detectives determined that Goodman had contact through text messages with her daughter’s boyfriend and on the night of March 15, 2015 Goodman met with the male victim and engaged in a sexual relationship,” court records stated.

Deputy Attorney General Denise Weeks-Tappan said the victim had come to be embarrassed over the whole incident and even had trouble describing what the woman had done to him.

Describing the incident, the boy told authorities Goodman “took his you-know-what and put it in her you-know-what,” according to Delaware Online.

“When the defendant committed this crime, she took something away from him. He was not a willing participant, but a victim,” Weeks-Tappan said.

But Judge Robert B. Young decided that Goodman seemed to be remorseful for her actions and even claimed the incident was “an aberration” in her life.

“This came out of the blue,” Young insisted during the sentencing phase. “The crime is egregious and affected the victim and his family, which was taken into account. But incarceration is not the answer.”

Along with the two years of probation, Judge Young also ordered a pre-sentence investigation.

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