The Definitive Field Guide to Black Bloc Terrorists Who Want to Shut Down Trump Inauguration

Members of the anarchist group Black Bloc protest against the FIFA World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on May 30, 2014. Brazil has been hit by a wave of strikes and protests against the more than $11 billion being spent on the tournament in a country that desperately needs …

With the inauguration of Donald Trump just days away, droves of his supporters are preparing to meet in Washington D.C. to welcome the new President. But there are also darker forces assembling; a gathering of at least 75 anarchist, socialist and communist groups preparing for an event called #DisruptJ20 that has officially called for violent Black Bloc protesters to gather at 10:00 am on Friday, January 20th in Washington D.C. at the Logan Circle and the Francis Scott Key Memorial.

The group’s call-to-arms is blunt:

Wear all black | January 20th, 10 AM | Logan Circle, DC We are calling for a mobile bloc opposing capitalism and fascism at the inauguration. Meet at Logan Circle at 10 am. Organize with your friends and come prepared to defend each other and everyone else who is standing up to the Trump regime.

However, despite the plain call for the Black Bloc to assemble, very few of the patriotic Americans who support Donald Trump have any real idea what exactly the Black Bloc is, what they represent or how to to deal with the their planned criminal behavior.

As part of our ongoing coverage of both the Trump inauguration and our founder Andrew Breitbart’s mission to expose the leftists that hate this country and its values, we’re going to explain who the Black Bloc is in their own damning words, as well as giving inaugural attendees some idea of what to expect from them.

Please free free to share this important article with anyone you know planning to attend the inaugural events, as well as anyone else who wants to understand the real plans of the left thugs who hate Donald Trump, his supporters and capitalism.

As a long detailed article on the America-hating anarchist website Crimethinc makes clear, the goal of the Black Bloc and its distinctive dress is to allow protesters to break the law. They explain:

You may have heard of the notorious Black Bloc, a venerable, if not doddering, anarchist tradition in which a mass of direct action enthusiasts gather, all wearing black clothing and masks, and engage in some level of illegal activity.

The website actually compares the Black Bloc to the Boston Tea Party, and tells readers that “acting in a Bloc is especially useful when some of the participants in the action expect they may break laws.”

The article lays out in stark detail the methods and motives behind the Black Bloc; to assist its participants in “getting away with public criminal acts.” They write:

When everyone in a group looks the same, it is difficult for the police or others to tell who did what. Most criminal activities are better carried off in a less obvious manner, of course, but there are situations in which it is necessary to step outside the limits in public.

Furthermore, the website argues that engaging in criminal acts is fun. This is a point worth highlighting, because many people not intimately associated with the radical left have the false belief that all protesters are such events as merely paid flunkies funded by a leftist financier like George Soros.

It’s important that Americans not be lulled into a false sense of security by such an oversimplification. While it’s been proven that funders like Soros and the Democrat party have paid protest organizers and some protesters, groups like the violent Black Bloc typically aren’t motivated by money, but instead come to protests because of their anti-American ideology, base criminal desires and thill seeking.

Bloc participation can be really exciting, and good for morale—acting in a mass of people who are ostensibly prepared to do what they believe is right regardless of police intimidation is often a hell of a lot more empowering than chanting weakly with the liberals, and matching battle-dress is a ritual for inspiring courage that need not be abandoned to our uniformed enemies.

If the institutional left is going to be diminished during the Trump Administration, it’s important conservatives and populists not to oversimplify it’s vastness and diversity of tactics, especially when these tactics have been employed over and over, for decades, by the organized anarchists of the far-left. If the protesters were simply paid shills from Craigslist, they would be much easier to stop than the frightening reality: there’s a loosely knit, nationwide army of highly motivated left-wing ideologies bent on the destruction of the United States of America.

This leftist army is converging on Washington D.C. to try and make a statement to the world, and the people trying to marshall that army is proud of its history and what they consdier its effectiveness. CrimeThinc writes:

Black Bloc actions have been a hit at mass actions over the past couple decades: there have been Blocs in the protests at meetings of such despicable gangs as the World Trade Organization, at political events such as debates between presidential candidates, at anti-war demonstrations and solidarity marches with communities that are suffering police brutality. Wherever there is a mass gathering of protesters, it may make sense to deploy or call for a Bloc.

Black Bloc Tactics

The article gives the criminal participants detailed advice on how to break the law. It explains the materials that the Black Bloc is encouraged to bring and how to use it. Anyone attending the inauguration should be on the lookout for protesters who may boast the following.

▪ Provisions: water (plenty, especially if you’ll be dressed in hot gear or expect chemical weapons attacks), food (don’t rely on shops or shopkeepers in contested zones), etc.

▪ Camouflage: different layers of clothing for different purposes or stages of the action

▪ Defensive gear: banners, shields (possibly disguised as puppets or placards), steel-toed shoes (should still be comfortable for running!), body armor or padding, gas masks or goggles and bandannas soaked in lime juice (store in ziplock bags until necessary), rain coats or chemical protection gear (if there is a risk of chemical attack), whatever relevant medical supplies you know how to apply, etc

▪ Offensive gear: spraypaint, projectiles, slingshots, signs or flags on thick poles (or just plain poles), molotov cocktails, bright lights (to obscure police or camera vision during night actions), ladders and/or bolt cutters for scaling or breaching barriers, etc.

▪ Communications equipment: hand radios, cell phones, police scanners, flags, drums, shared codes for making internal announcements

▪ Transportation: bicycles, enough change for the subway.

This list makes it clear that this anarchist army should be taken seriously and be considered armed and dangerous. One of their biggest fears is simply being identified and these cowards seek strength in anonymity and in numbers. Extreme caution should be used around them, but inaugural attendees should also be prepared to aid law enforcement in identifying and exposing Black Bloc protesters.

The protester organizers even admit that they are afraid of “reporters and civilians” and Crimethinc is training its army of thugs to:

Be prepared for the situation at hand. If the police outnumber you, are waiting for you, and there are reporters and civilians in the area, don’t come in a gas mask and body armor like the folks in your favorite street riot photographs—they’re not going to gas and beat you, they’re going to try to encircle and arrest you, and you’ll need to be able to move quickly and blend well to avoid it.

The outfits that the Black Bloc wears are given special attention. While some casual observers think the Black Bloc are dressed like ninjas, the distinctive black clothing has a purpose, as the Crimethinc article explains:

Clothing is the one essential feature of the Bloc tactic, and the rock upon which it rests or founders. Far away from the action itself, you may want to practice moving and acting freely in your Bloc gear, so you won’t still be getting used to it when it’s too late.

Your clothing should protect you from the hazards you expect, while not weighing you down unnecessarily; it should be adaptable should unexpected situations arise. Layers are key: if possible, wear an outer layer in which to travel to the Bloc action, a layer of Bloc clothing, and then another layer of getaway clothing beneath this—without risking hyperthermia,

Rioters are urged to pay special attention to their masks. At any Black Bloc rally, the masks going on means that the action is about to start; this is something that anyone attending the inauguration should be well aware of, especially groups planning to play defense such as the Bikers for Trump—if you see the masks going on, get ready. Crimethinc tells would-be Black Bloc goons:

Where and when to mask up is a hard question: if you do it too late, once you’ve joined the Bloc, you risk being identified; if you do it too early, before you’ve joined the Bloc, you risk being nabbed by the police. Little masked groups walking around before or after events are perfect targets for their enemies.

Another article called Fashion Tips for the Brave gives other hints for would-be criminal to avoid dumb mistakes that might lead to arrest. These hints include:

  • If you have tattoos that are or could be visible, cover them up! You can do this with makeup or concealer, especially if you use heavy-duty products designed for that purpose.
  • Likewise, if you have visible piercings, take them out—or at least cover them up so they are sure not to be exposed.
  • If you are going to carry a backpack or bag, don’t take the one you carry around in everyday life..
  • The same goes for your shoes, for similar reasons—wear different ones during the action than you wear every day. This is also important because cops can attempt to use footprints or other traces from shoes as evidence.

This fear of the Black Bloc that they will be identified can be simply exploited by anyone with a smartphone. The Black Bloc fears being exposed, so law-abiding citizens who want to help stop the Black Bloc can make a point of shooting video and photos of them at every opportunity.

If inaugural attendees see Black Bloc people gathering in public places in Washington D.C. this week, they should immediately pull out their cell phones en masse, start shooting and even engage them in conversation. This footage should be posted publicly and saved in case law enforcement needs it later.

Aside from the Black Bloc’s distinctive clothing, a key component of successful Black Bloc criminal action is having what the article refers to as “getaway clothing.” Crimethinc explains:

It may be most sensible to carry the outer layer of your getaway layer in a sealed bag, in case you are covered in paint, tear gas, etc. by the time you need to use it.

The Black Bloc travels in groups and they are prepared for police that generally need to play by specific rules of engagement. This is another area when defense group like Bikers for Trump could potentially foil the Black Bloc if they know what to look for and act appropriately. The groups even admit to using signs not to promote a message, but as shields and ways to block people. Crimethinc writes:

Stay tight spatially (with the obvious exception of the scouts, who need to be further out)—you need to keep police out of your ranks, prevent snatch squads from getting in to grab individuals, and also keep your friends at your sides rather than strangers or possible undercover officers. Banners (reinforced with PVC pipe or, far better, if you can get them safely out into the streets, great placards made from tough but limber insulation board, with hand-holds cut into them; these can be tied or chained together, to create a mobile, jointed full size barricade) down the front and sides of a group can offer useful barriers to this end.

The effectiveness of the Black Bloc could be greatly diminished if defense groups or regular citizens simply peacefully got right in the middle of the Black Bloc grouping as it was forming. I’ve covered dozens of protests and never seen this happen. Instead, the police stand around the outside and watch the Black Bloc gather force.

Finally, Crimethinc tells the criminal army that it is helping to train:

Don’t ever brag about your achievements in a Bloc, or share anything others don’t need to know, especially if it could incriminate someone. Keep in mind that it’s possible you’ve been caught on camera and, however carefully disguised you were, identified by the authorities.

The Black Bloc are left-wing terrorists and need to be treated as such. All the standard rules that American have learned since the 9/11 attack apply, including situational awareness and “see something, say something” to law enforcement.

America’s leftists want to destroy the celebrations of the millions of American who supported Donald Trump and are looking forward to his administration. Like their campus counterparts, they want to shut down the free speech rights of Trump supporters.

The leftist thugs couldn’t stop Trump from being elected, they won’t stop him from taking the oath of offices on Friday, and an educated, prepared citizenry might be able to make sure that many of these criminal conspirators spend the Trump administration behind bars.

Breitbart News will provide continuous coverage of both the inauguration and planned protests all day on January 20th.

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