Attorney General Sessions Should Investigate NCAA’s Transgender Threats, Says Sportscaster Craig James

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Incoming Attorney General Jeff Sessions should oppose the campaign by the National Collegiate Athletic Association to impose gender-fluid transgender laws on the states’ citizens, says sportscaster Craig James.

“I certainly hope the Attorney General — when he takes office — lets them know that everything is on the table, [such as items] that would benefit the student athletes and the general public as well,” James told Breitbart News, when asked about the NCAA’s transgender push. 

The renewed campaign for the transgender ideology by the university chiefs who run the NCAA more than justifies a broad review by the federal government of the NCAA’s cartel-like practices, said James, a former NFL players and sportscaster. That review should include the NCAA’s practice of paying millions of dollars to coaches while providing only low-cost educational subsidies to the hard-working athletes who generate the revenue for the universities’ sports teams, he said. 

Once Sessions is confirmed at AG, “I’m sure he would like to take a look [because] the student athletes really need a voice at the table,” James said. “Maybe this [NCAA transgender threat] will be for the good of college athletes,” he added. 

“Why is the NCAA in the business of …. forcing politics on other people?” he asked. 

The sex and gender issue is back in the news because the NCAA is set to boycott North Carolina for several years unless the legislature eliminates its compromise HB-2 law. 

The HB-2 law says the legislature has the authority to set rules for how adults change their legal sex and their birth certificates. The law also says adults can change their documents, but only after undergoing medical procedures.

This clear rule for switching legal sex was adopted after the city of Charlotte established a “gender fluid” ordinance which allowed people to switch their legal sex from day to day, and to use male or female public bathrooms as they prefer. 

Without laws similar to HB-2, single-sex institutions will be sued for transgender-related discrimination as they try to exclude people of the opposite biological sex. For example, without HB-2, the state’s sports leagues for women will be sued if they exclude men who say they identify as female, school principals will be sued when they close girls’ shower-rooms to boys who claim they feel like girls, and civic groups for boys — such as Pee Wee football leagues — will be sued when they decline membership to girls who say they want to live like boys. 

Under threat of lawsuits, the all-boy national Boy Scouts organization has already announced it will accept girls who say they want to live like boys.

The NCAA’s board consists of top executives from universities, many of which champion the progressives’ ideological claim that people should be free to choose their legal sex, or “gender identity,” regardless of biology or evolved civic practices.

In 2016, their pro-transgender advocacy was strongly backed by President Barack Obama and his deputies at the Department of Justice. “Transgender men are men — they live, work and study as men. Transgender women are women — they live, work and study as women,” Vanita Gupta, the acting assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s civic regulation division, said in a May press conference.

Once confirmed, Sen. Jeff Sessions is unlikely to continue the Obama administration’s pro-transgender ideology.

The renewed university threat to North Carolina was highlighted Feb. 6 by a local business group, the North Carolina Sports Association, which predicted large economic losses if the universities’ NCAA continues its boycott of the state. According to the letter from Scott Dupree, of the N.C. Sports Association and Greater Raleigh Sports Alliance:

In a matter of days, our state’s sports tourism industry will suffer crushing, long-term losses and will essentially close its doors to NCAA business. Our window to act is closing rapidly.

The letter was quickly used by the state’s new Democratic governor, Gov. Roy Cooper, to call for elimination of the state’s HB-2 sex definition law. According to the Charlotte News Observer, Cooper said: 

There is an urgency to get House Bill 2 repealed … If there was ever a time for bipartisanship it was now, a chance to get this stain off our state, a chance to end discrimination and a chance to bring these hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of jobs back to our state.

But local GOP leaders refuse to discard the HB-2 law. The director of the state GOP, Dallas Woodhouse, told reporters that “a simple repeal does not have a possibility of passing this legislature.”

It seems to us that it is up to Gov. Cooper … to put forward something that can pass. If not, he’s just pounding his fist, and he’s helping determine North Carolina’s fate when it comes to the NCAA, the ACC and other issues.

NCAA officials declined to comment about the possible abuse of their cartel power. In response to questions from Breitbart, a NCAA spokeswoman responded:

The NCAA decided in September to remove championships from North Carolina for the 2016-17 season, and it has not yet determined future championship sites. The NCAA expects to announce site selections for the 2018-19 through 2021-22 championship seasons in April.

In September, the NCAA said it was excluding North Carolina teams from seven championships.

Since their Supreme Court victory in 2015 which removed heterosexuality from the definition of marriage, gay groups, including the Human Rights Campaign, have pushed the idea that male-and-female heterosexuality — sometimes called the “gender binary” — should not be treated as beneficial or normal in society. Instead, these gay groups claim that each person’s chosen “gender identity” must be supported by government, individuals and civic groups, regardless of voters’ preferences, biology or science, or evolved childrearing practices.

In contrast, conservatives point to the evidence that female and male biological differences are universal, largely unchangeable, and also shape nearly all youths’ character, preferences, incentives and ambitions. Any government agencies or civic groups which try to ignore or suppress those heterosexual and biological differences do great harm to children’ chances of becoming mature and productive adults, say conservatives.

The progressive demand that biology be subordinated to gender identity, if enforced by government, will wipe out single-sex heterosexual institutions in society, such as single-sex sports leagues, single-sex facilities in K-12 schools, and women’s shelters. It would also transform science-based language, law enforcement, and social cooperationscience education, and parental guidance of children’s sexual development and health, such as the Boy Scouts

The gender-before-heterosexuality goal is very unpopular. For example, an April 2016 poll by Civitas showed that only 7 percent of 600 North Carolinians supported a judge’s demand “ordering girls and boys in public middle schools to share locker room, bathroom and shower facilities.” The demand was strongly opposed by 72 percent of respondents.

In December, a poll showed that only 22.7 percent of respondents endorsed the claim that people should be allowed change their recorded sex or “gender identity” on government documents whenever they wish. In contrast, 44.6 percent of respondents said people should be allowed to switch their legal sex, but only after first complying with medical or government criteria for male and female characteristics. Twenty-three percent opposed any sex-related change to identity documents, and 17.1 percent declined to answer.

Very few people try to live as members of the opposite sex. A study of the 2010 census, for example, showed that only 1-in-2,400 adults had changed their name from one sex to the other.

That transgender goal is also opposed some gays, by some former transgender people, and some feminists

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