Anti-Campus Carry Grad Students Hold Meetings at Bars to Block Undergrads from Being Armed for Self-Defense

bar in Austin, TX

Some University of Texas graduate students are holding their meetings with undergrads at bars so as to meet somewhere they are not allowed to be armed for self-defense.

The grad students are holding “office hours at gun-free bars on or near the university” as part of their protest of campus carry.

The Houston Chronicle points to 28-year-old Mark Sheridan, an English doctoral student who meets his undergraduate class in a bar to be sure none are armed for self-defense. Sheridan said, “If I want to work at a place that bans guns, the bar seems like the safest bet for me.”

Sheridan did not mention that guns were banned at Virginia Tech University on April 16, 2007. There was a total prohibition on gun possession, and a lone, armed attacker ignored the ban and killed 32. The gunman’s job was made easier by the fact that no one could shoot back. Guns were also banned at Umpqua Community College on October 1, 2015, which made the armed attacker’s job of killing nine individuals easier as no one could shoot back.

The same could be said of Sandy Hook Elementary, where possession of guns for self-defense was against policy on the morning of December 14, 2012. This made the lone attacker’s job much easier, and 26 lives were lost.

Yet Sheridan is purposely picking meeting locations where guns for self-defense are banned.

Students for Concealed Carry’s Michael Newbern does not believe Sheridan should be able to conduct school business in a way that undermines the campus carry statute. Newbern said, “You’re usurping the intent of the legislature. You are a graduate teaching assistant, an employee of the state, and your work should be performed… on state property.” But UT stresses that grad students have often held meetings off-campus in the past, so allowing it now is not a new policy.

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