Pence Labels Trump Administration Cabinet ‘The A-Team’

Vice President Mike Pence speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Oxon Hill, Md., Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
AP/Susan Walsh

Vice President Mike Pence delivered a fiery speech Thursday night at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) where he reassured that the Trump Administration will fight for Americans “every single day.”

He then called out the establishment and media elites, all while charging conservatives to, “march forward as if it’s the most important time in the history of our movement, because it is.”

“I’m here today because of all of you and because of this conservative movement, and on behalf of the President, from the bottom of my heart, let me say thank you,” said Pence.

Speaking of the presidential election, Pence said, “the establishment never saw it coming.” He continued, “The media elites, the insiders, everybody else who profits off preserving the status quo, they just dismissed our President every step of the way.” He said that in doing so they also, “dismissed millions of the hard working forgotten men and women who make this country great” and that worse they are still dismissing those people. “This is still government of the people, by the people and for the people,” he proclaimed.

“But our fight didn’t end on November the 8th, we won the day, make no mistake about it, the harder work, the most important work now lies ahead. The fight goes on. Let me make you a promise, President Trump will fight for you every single day.”

“President Trump is a man of his word and we’re keeping the promises he made to the American people.”

Pence recalled President Trump charging him as head of the transition team, with getting him “the best” for the cabinet. The Vice President then said the Trump Administration cabinet, “folks, this is the A-Team” and “the strongest conservative in [his] lifetime.”

“My friends, this is our time,” the Vice President continued.

“This is the chance we’ve worked so hard for so long to see. This is a time to prove again, that our answers are the right answers for America. A strong military, more jobs, less taxes, respect for the Constitution and the values that have made America great and a deep and abiding faith in the goodness of the American people.”

“Despite the best efforts of liberal activists in town halls across the country. The American people know that Obamacare has failed and Obamacare has got to go,” said Pence who then spoke of the high cost of healthcare. He spoke of premiums rising 25 percent under Obamacare in 2016.

The Vice President vowed that Obamacare would be replaced with “something that actually works.” A plan based on “freedom and individual responsibility” and that the Trump administration would deliver an orderly transition out of Obamacare and to a plan that puts the American people first.

He promised that the Trump Administration would go on to rebuild the American military and that “under president Donald Trump no state will ever be forced to adopt the common core.”

Pence talked of being proud to stand with a President that stands with Israel, “Israels’ fight is our fight, her cause is our cause, her values are our values and under President Trump America will stand with Israel.”

He emphasized that President Trump’s position on life is one of the reasons he is most proud to stand with the President. He stated that their Administration would make the Hyde amendment permanent.

Pence reminded the audience of Trump’s promise to nominated a Supreme Court Justice in the same tradition as the former Justice Antonin Scalia.

With mid-term elections out there on the horizon, Pence said, “The success of our movement and more importantly the success of our country, depends as much on all of you as it does on us. We must all of us rise to the challenge before us tomorrow and every day thereafter. The other side is not sitting idle and their allies in the media are more than willing to amplify their defense in the failed status quo every single day.”

“We gotta do what we did before. We gotta mobilize, we gotta march forward as if it’s the most important time in the history of our movement, because it is,” the Vice President told the audience.

The Vice President closed, “The best days for America are yet to come. Let’s get to work.”

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