Progressives Hit Trump Ed Sec with Death Threats, Security Costs $7.8 Million

Betsy DeVos Protest CBS

After President Donald Trump’s Education Secretary was barred by progressive activists from entering a Washington D.C. middle school, a reassessment of her security recommended additional protection at the cost of $7.8 million tax dollars thus far.

Due to the constant wave of death threats by progressives, the U.S. Marshals service was forced to reevaluate the usual security plans for education department leaders.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has received far more death threats than any past Ed Secs, the U.S. Marshals told the Washington Post.

In February, DeVos, a supporter of charter schools, was accosted by a group of progressive protesters who barred her entry to Jefferson Middle School Academy in D.C. The protesters carried signs reading “Black Lives Matter,” and “Feminists Are the Majority.” At least one screamed, “Shame!” at DeVos when the newly emplaced Ed Sec arrived at the school. The protesters prevented DeVos from entering the school’s front doors and she had to be let in through a back entrance, surrounded by security.

Past Ed Secs garnered far less public notice and were usually protected at much less cost by Department of Education employees, some of whom were once Secret Service agents. But due to the extreme level of threats, DeVos’s security was transferred to the U.S. Marshals.

The extreme costs have been incurred because the Marshals service had to hire additional employees to handle the heightened security plans. And the costs reported thus far will increase as the year rolls on, according to sources.

Trump’s education chief is opposed by the country’s teachers unions as well as those looking to keep education controlled from Washington D.C.

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