Sarah Sanders on Karen Handel Win: ‘Republicans Are Going to Get Tired of Winning’

Karen Handel makes a heart guesture.
Jessica McGowan/Getty

White House deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders singed Democrats during an appearance on Fox News, saying Republicans would get “tired of winning” elections, like Karen Handel’s victory in Georgia.

“Frankly, I think Republicans are going to get tired of winning at some point if Democrats don’t get an agenda,” she said.

Sanders made her comments on Fox and Friends this morning after the hosts asked her what she thought the Democrat message was going forward.

“I don’t think they have one, and I think Americans have seen that, and that’s one of the reasons Republicans and this president continue to win time and time again,” Sanders said, blasting the mainstream media, the Washington Bureaucrats, and the Democrats for opposing the president.

She mocked Democrats and the media for thinking that the Georgia election would be a “referendum” on Trump and said that the president and Republicans continued to prove them wrong.

When the hosts asked Sanders if she wanted to replace Sean Spicer at the White House press briefing, she demurred, saying she served in her current job “at the pleasure of the president.”

After the hosts asked her if she would take the press secretary job if Trump wanted her to do it, she replied, “I don’t think a lot of people turn the president down on anything he asks them to do.”


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