Zionist Organization of America Doubles Down on Criticism of Under-Fire H.R. McMaster

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The Zionist Organization of America, the oldest pro-Israel group in America, stood firm in its criticisms of under-fire National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster Monday — even as the U.S. Ambassador to Israel came to his defense.

The ZOA had previously issued a lengthy analysis of McMaster’s behavior, in which it concluded that the national security advisor was anti-Israel and a threat to Trump’s agenda, and called for McMaster to resign.

However, the ZOA says U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman wrote to President Morton Klein, claiming that their recommendation was “mistaken” and said he would like to “attempt to convince” Klein to change his position.

Axios’s Jonathan Swan reported that Friedman had reached out to Klein, but that Klein was determined to “double down.”




But in a statement released Monday, the ZOA stood by its analysis, although it said it would “welcome any new or different information or thoughts or opinions that the Ambassador might have or has that we need to and will consider.”

The organization then listed a number of criticisms of McMaster it would like to have addressed.

ZOA’s concerns about General McMaster stems from many issues including his firing Trump loyalists who support Israel and oppose the Iran Deal; his hiring many who oppose Trump’s policies especially on Israel and Iran; his refusal to acknowledge that the Western Wall is in Israel; his refusal to state that Israel’s response to the terrorist group Hamas’ rocket attacks against Israel was “ethical”: his refusal to acknowledge that Iran has violated the Iran Deal; his refusal to use the term “radical Islamic terrorism,” and much more.

The statement also noted that while many of the strongest critics of McMaster are extremely pro-Israel, those who back him are often anything but.

“Supporters of McMaster include the radical Islamic anti-Israel group CAIR, left wing, Trump-hating, Soros-funded anti-Israel group Media Matters, anti-Israel TV commentator Van Jones and others,” the statement says.

Friedman did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Breitbart News.

Key Trump officials, including President Trump himself, have backed McMaster in the face of continued concerns from Trump’s base about McMaster’s globalist outlook.

The Wall Street Journal last week issued a defense of McMaster, suggesting he was the victim of a plot from within the White House.

Until the arguments made by those such as the ZOA are properly engaged by McMaster supporters, however, it seems that those concerns and criticisms will continue.

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