Donald Trump Defends ‘Friend’ Steve Bannon: ‘A Good Man’ Who Gets ‘Unfair Press’

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President Donald Trump defended his White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, calling him a “friend” and a “good man.”

“Look, I like Mr. Bannon. He is a friend of mine,” Trump said during a statement in Trump Tower on Tuesday, when asked about Bannon’s future at the White House.

Recent reports speculated that Bannon was about to be fired, citing dissent among White House Democrats with his behavior.

The president left Bannon’s future at the White House uncertain, saying that “we’ll see,” but commented that he was treated poorly by the media.

“I like him. He is a good man. He is not a racist. I can tell you that,” Trump said. “He is a good person. He actually gets a very unfair press in that regard.”

Trump reminded the media, however, that he was successful in the Republican primaries before Bannon joined his campaign.

“We’ll see what happens with Mr. Bannon. He is a good person and I think the press treats him frankly very unfairly,” Trump concluded.


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