Rick ‘Put a Bullet in Trump’ Wilson: Kathy Griffin Must ‘Go Back to War’ Against POTUS

The image, from photographer Tyler Shields, ignited a firestorm of controversy when it was first published online by TMZ in May. (Tyler Shields/TMZ)
Tyler Shields

“Never Trump” consultant Rick Wilson wants Kathy Griffin to “go back to war” against President Donald Trump.

In a piece for The Cut, journalist Yashar Ali profiled Griffin, who now feels like she has no need to apologize to anyone for the Trump beheading photo that got her fired from CNN and led to the cancellation of her comedy shows.

Ali concludes his profile by noting that “although she’s still too worried about her physical safety to tour America,” Griffin is ready to take her comedy act, which “will feature plenty of Trump jokes,” abroad. Wilson, apparently now a fan of free speech, believes it is important for Griffin to mock and ridicule Trump.

“The way Trump wins is if he shuts people up permanently and scares them off from being vocal critics,” Wilson told Ali. “She has to go back to war.”

Wilson, along with fellow “Never Trumper” Charlie Sykes, believes that Trump was not even offended by Griffin’s beheading photo.

As he does in nearly every piece in which he tries to portray himself as a victim, Wilson whines about the business he has supposedly lost for turning himself into a one-trick pony who gets booked on cable channels to be used as the “Republican” who attacks Trump and his voters.


Wilson may have a soft spot for Griffin because the ticking time bomb has himself engaged in some vile and violent rhetoric. He once told MSNBC’s audience that has its share of unhinged left-wing activists that the Republican donors to whom Wilson is beholden needed to essentially “put a bullet in Donald Trump.”

“They’re still going to have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump,” Wilson told MSNBC’s anti-Trump audience during the 2016 election cycle. “And that’s a fact.”

On another occasion, Wilson’s first instinct when a rape threat was made against his own daughter was to actually try to politicize it and score political points. So it was not surprising, given his mindset, that the morning after House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) was shot and fighting for his life, Wilson’s first thought upon waking up was apparently that Trump’s supporters must have seen Scalise’s shooting as a “blessing.”

The vile consultant also viciously attacked Ann Coulter, likening her to a prostitute and asking Coulter on Twitter if Trump paid her “more for anal.”


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