One Person Attends University’s Meeting on Campus Carry Questions/Concerns

campus carry

One person showed up for a Tuesday meeting at Augusta University which was designed to address questions and concerns surrounding campus carry.

The campus is located in Georgia, where campus carry went into effect on July 1, 2017.

The headline on the Augusta Chronicle story says there was a “low turnout” for the meeting. Those who continue reading see that “low turnout,” in this instance, means one attendee. And that attendee was not even a student. Rather, it was director of student health Bob Dollinger.

The organizers of the meeting are going to try again on Thursday and believe better advertisement will draw in more people. But “AU Chief of Police James C. Lyon said he has not received a single call from someone concerned or alarmed by someone carrying a concealed weapon.”

Georgia Carry executive director Jerry Henry spoke to Breitbart News about the sparse meeting, saying, “The fact that only the Director of Student Health attended the meeting proves what we predicted: that campus carry would have no adverse affect on student life nor would it interfere with classroom studies, other than rendering the campus a safer place. Once the emotional whining of the anti-gunners died down, the opposition died down as well. Obviously, no one is concerned about anything but studies. Now, it’s just like any other day at the office.”

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