Job Creators Network Agrees with GOP Leaders McCarthy, Meadows: Pass Tax Cuts by Thanksgiving

Small Business Tax Cuts Ad

Job Creators Network is in agreement with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who signaled Tuesday that Republican Lawmakers could pass a pro-American small business tax reform bill by Thanksgiving.

“We completely agree with Leader McCarthy – small businesses are the real job creators in this country,” Alfredo Ortiz, Job Creators Network President, and CEO Alfredo Ortiz, told Breitbart News.

Ortiz’s comments were in response to remarks McCarthy made Tuesday during an interview with Fox Business’s Maria Bartiromo.

Asked if he agreed with Rep. Mark Meadows that if tax reform “doesn’t get to [President Trump’s] desk by Thanksgiving … it isn’t going to happen,” McCarthy said, “I’ll make sure we get this done.”

“As soon as we get the budget done, we can start tax reform. I think we can have it out of the House,” McCarthy said. “Look, if we need to stay in here longer to get it done — one of my jobs is scheduling the House — I’ll make sure we get this done.”

Ortiz, whose organization launched a new multi-million dollar advocacy campaign on Tuesday to urge Congress to pass small business tax cuts, says small business owners want tax cuts by the November holiday.

“It’s important that we cut taxes so that the job creators of America can hire more people, give more raises, expand their businesses and allow more families across the country to prosper,” Ortiz said. “And we further agree with Rep. Meadows that we must get these tax cuts done by Thanksgiving.”

Job Creators Network launched a website,, and is asking Americans to sign its tax cut petition and watch and share videos starring small business owners and advocates explaining why tax cuts are needed.

In one 30-second ad, Camp Bow Wow founder Heidi Ganahl explains how small business owners will benefit from lower taxes.

The organization’s new initiative is designed to put pressure on Congressional lawmakers to pass a tax cut bill by Thanksgiving and coincides with a nationwide “Tax Cut Tour,” which will begin on Sunday, September 10 with a massive event in Oklahoma City, OK.

Citing a new survey of 500 small business owners, Job Creators Network president and CEO Alfredo Ortiz said, “If you want to create an economic revival on Main Street, then give tax dollars back to small businesses and they will make it happen by reinvesting in jobs, wages and infrastructure.”

The new survey, conducted by Roosevelt Opinion Research, shows that small businessmen would prefer tax cuts over an Obamacare repeal.

A majority, 48.6 percent, said tax cuts would help them grow their businesses, while 26 percent said congressional Democrats were the biggest obstacle to tax reform.

The group’s seven-figure advertising blitz will also include talk radio and television commercials and social media ads to encourage tax reform.

The national “Tax Cut Tour” will kick off on Sunday, September 10 with a massive event in Oklahoma City, OK.

Job Creators Network has featured advertising on Breitbart News Network regarding TaxCutsNow.

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