AL GOP Chairwoman Terry Lathan: Party Will Unite Behind Moore or Strange to Beat Dem


MONTGOMERY, Alabama – No matter who wins or loses in the GOP U.S. Senate primary runoff on Tuesday, Alabama Republican Party chairwoman Terry Lathan insists her party will unite behind that candidate.

The winner of next Tuesday’s contest between former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore and Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) will face former Clinton U.S. Attorney Doug Jones, the Democratic Party’s nominee on December 12.

“It’s interesting in politics – I know there’s a lot of attention paid on people and personalities, but in Alabama look very, very heavily on issues and platforms and policies,” Lathan said in an interview with Breitbart News. “And I really believe by going to vote at the end of the day – when they put that pen down on paper, they’re sending a message for what they believe in their mind and their head. That’s the beauty of elections and Alabama once again – our party will come together. We were talking just a minute ago about different members of SEC football teams – their fans and their family. So, we’ll come together at the end. It is healthy to have a good debate. In the end, we’re a family. We’ll win on December 12. “

Despite not having won statewide office in Alabama since 2006 and not having held an Alabama U.S. Senate seat since the late Sen. Howell Heflin (D-AL) left office in 1997, the national Democratic Party is showing they’re at least willing to put up a fight on Jones’ behalf.

On October 3, former Vice President Joe Biden is coming to Birmingham to campaign for Jones. However, Lathan doesn’t see Alabamians embracing what the Democratic Party has to offer.

“They’ve lost the last five elections,” she said. “They thought they were going to win those, too. There were millions and millions of dollars and people from all over the country came in and they’ve lost every single one. That is not an accident. It is a message. So, to try to come to Alabama and make their case – they are welcome to do it, but the fact and the pattern that we have here in the state of Alabama every single time rejects liberal policy, liberal thinking, progressivism and they’re going to reject their nominee on December 12.”

Lathan attributed the enormous amount of national media attention to the unusual timing of the election and that it was an election for a U.S. Senate seat formerly held by Jeff Sessions, who was one of the most popular political figures in Alabama history.

“I think there seems to be a lot more attention for a few reasons – this is Jeff Sessions’ old seat and it hasn’t been turned over in 20 years,” Lathan said. “Then there’s also the timing on this. The candidates had four months to campaign. And so it’s really been a push to get their messaging out. I think social media is interesting as well as campaign over the years have progressed because everybody gets to say somehow, someway on social media. It doesn’t always mean it’s effective, but they get to have their peace. So, you mix some things up this unusual time of year for Jeff Sessions’ seat and we have the opportunity now – we’ve narrowed it down to two very conservative men. Both of these men are for President Trump and the state of Alabama.”

Ultimately, voters would take into account Jones’ allegiance to a party that takes very liberal stances and that would be why who wins Tuesday will go on to be the next U.S. Senator from Alabama.

“I see no pathway that’s logical that a Democrat on December 12 goes to Washington,” she added. “I see absolutely no pathway there because they’re going to sign a paper that says, ‘I’m with the principles of the Democratic Party.’ And when that’s happened, we’re going to remind all Alabamians what that means and who they’re going to caucus with and who they’re going be with. And so, I’m not sure which of these gentlemen on Tuesday are going to win, but I know how they’re going to vote. And I think people of Alabama know how they’re going to vote, too.”

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