Sarah Palin: DC Swamp Afraid of Judge Moore Because ‘He’s Not One of Them’

The Associated Press

Saying that grassroots conservative Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore was “deplorable before deplorable was cool,” former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said the D.C. Swamp is afraid of Moore because they know he is “not one of them.”

At a raucous Thursday rally after Moore debated his establishment Republican opponent Sen. Luther Strange, Palin said that a vote for Moore was not a vote against Trump but rather a vote for Trump’s economic nationalist agenda that the D.C. Swamp is trying to “hijack.” She also said that if Moore defeats Strange on Tuesday, more grassroots conservatives across the country will be inspired to take on “their own Swamp creatures.”

Palin urged voters to “send the loudest message you can send to D.C. at this time” and praised Moore as a “man of principle.” She said if Moore makes a promise, one can “take it to the bank.”

“Rule of law. No illegal immigration. No bad trade deals,” Palin said while touting Moore. “And the importance of God and our shared American culture and our heritage.”

She said “Judge Moore is gonna defend our interests with the same steel spine that he defended those 10 Commandments.”

“I don’t think there’s any cooler nickname you can have than the ’10 Commandments Judge’—that’s a badge of honor,” Palin told the crowd.

Palin blasted the Swamp creatures for “dumping millions and millions of dollars” into Alabama to “spread lies” about Moore because they are so afraid of Moore going to D.C. to drain the Swamp.

“They are afraid. They should be afraid. Because the judge is a threat to their power,” she said. “Because he’s on our side. And they know it. And they know that he’s not one of them.”

Palin said Moore “answers to you just like [former Sen. Jeff] Sessions answered to Alabama.”

“And we will not be the forgotten man and woman,” she said. “We will not be satisfied with more broken promises from Republicans who campaign one way and they govern another.”

Palin reminded the crowd that “this movement gained steam here with Trump and Sessions, and it’s going to continue here Tuesday when you vote for the judge.”

“The Swamp can’t win here. This is our red line. Just you watch,” she said as the raucous crowd chanted “Drain the Swamp!”


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