Donald Trump Looks Back: ‘I Had a Very Good Life’ Before Presidency

donald trump
AP/Alex Brandon

Donald Trump says he loves being the president, but he waxed nostalgic about his previous life as a celebrity billionaire in a speech to truckers in Pennsylvania.

“Frankly, you finally have somebody that has given up a lot,” Trump said. “My other life was very good … I had a very good life.”

The crowd cheered and applauded while some shouted “Thank you!” as Trump shook his head.

“I had a very good life,” Trump continued. “But you know what, I’m having a better life now, and I’m helping a lot of people, and that’s as far as I’m concerned.”

Trump continued his speech, pointing to the successes in his presidency, primarily the appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch.

“You finally have a government that is going to defend you and stand up for you and your country,” Trump said.

He hinted that “something happened” with a country that used to disrespect the United States, previewing that they called with some important news.

“One of my generals came in, they said, you know, I have to tell you, a year ago they would have never done that,” Trump said. “It was a great sign of respect. You’ll probably be hearing about it over the next few days.”


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