DHS: DACA Amnesty Renewals Drop by 21,500

Young immigrants, activists and supporters of the DACA program march through downtown Los Angeles, California on September 5, 2017 after the Trump administration formally announced it will end the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program, giving Congress six months to act. US President Donald Trump ended an amnesty protecting …

One-out-of-seven eligible DACA beneficiaries did not apply for a work-permit extension by the October 5 deadline, the Department of Homeland Security said Friday.

Instead of 154,000 expected applications, 133,000 illegal aliens asked for a renewal of the two-year work permits granted by former President Barack Obama, while roughly 21,500 people dropped out of the program. It is not clear how many of the 133,000 illegals will be approved for extensions.

This final renewal process was included in the September 5 decision to wind down the 2012 amnesty program, which faced likely elimination by a Texas court.

The 150,000 population was a subset of the huge population of 690,000 people who were registered beneficiaries of the amnesty in October. The other 540,000 were not allowed to renew their work permits, which will start expiring after March 5.

The DACA expirations are opposed by business groups, because the loss of the illegal-alien labor will force the companies to spend more money finding, recruiting, training and paying Americans.

In Washington, Democrats are demanding that GOP approve their Dream Act huge and expensive amnesty for roughly 3 million younger illegals, including the 690,000 so-called ‘dreamers.’

Top Democrats, including Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi, are refusing to include any popular safeguards to protect American from any amnesty’s harmful impacts, including wage cuts, crowded schools, more crime,  higher welfare spending and another wave of illegal immigration.

For example, Arizona Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego declared Friday that “President Trump cruelly and callously ended the DACA program,” adding

The uncertainty these Dreamers and their families are facing is heart-wrenching, and a solution lies completely within the control of the Republican Congressional leadership. Paul Ryan needs to allow a vote on a clean DREAM Act immediately.

“Clean” is the Democratic euphemism for no safeguards or compromises.

GOP leaders, in contrast, are keeping their heads down. They may soon offer to extend the DACA work permits in exchange for token improvements to border security, instead of using the expiring DACA program to prod the Democrats into accepting a pro-American fix to cheap-labor immigration.




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