Giles: President Donald Trump Will Love Senator Roy Moore

judge roy moore
AP/Phillip Rawls

Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore’s greatest strength is doing what he says he will do regardless of the price. Yet this is the very attribute that alarms some moderate Alabamians, establishment Republicans, and liberals.

This, of course, is the single most positive attribute that should cause most Alabamians to flock to his side in support.

Every election cycle there seems to be the common theme from the grassroots of “Let’s fire these sorry rascals, send every incumbent home, and start over.” The longstanding predisposition of candidates to campaign one way and govern another drives this.

This causes the perpetual low approval rating for Congress. There have been exceptions to this rule over the years, and former U.S. Senator and now Attorney General Jeff Sessions was a visible example.

Alabamians love Sessions for so many reasons. The majority of Alabamians are economic, social, moral, and constitutional conservatives. Sessions put a face on this depth of conservatism as he represented Alabama in the U.S. Senate.

Sessions was never for sale. He would pursue the eradication of evil with the same passion for promoting good. Sessions would wake up each day, salute the Republican platform, and govern accordingly.

It was just in his DNA. You could depend on Sessions being “fact-driven” in his pursuits in public office. When it became necessary, he would independently ease outside of the Mitch McConnell umbrella and attack issues such as illegal immigration with a passion. Donald Trump as a presidential candidate fully embraced our Alabama senator with his fearless, common sense, fact-based approach to illegal immigration, which had become a national security threat and a paramount issue in the 2016 presidential election.

Chief Justice Roy S. Moore is also an economic, social, moral and constitutional conservative – fearless, independent and fact driven. Give him a chance, and he will be Jeff Sessions on steroids.

I met Roy Moore in 1992 and Jeff Sessions in 1993 – roughly 25 years ago. Along the way, I have known both of these men very well as we fought side-by-side engaged in hand-to-hand combat for the heart and soul of our state and nation. Both of these men are very honorable, honest, ethical, tough, economic, social, moral, and constitutional conservatives. Both men took their oath of office very serious.

Moore became a visible target of the disgraced Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center as they used the Judicial Inquiry Commission (JIC) as a weapon to remove him from office two times by only one vote.

Many fellow Alabamians listened to editorial writers, ankle deep on facts and skyscraper tall on personal opinion, got nervous, and retreated to safety when the price for the oath of office got red hot as a melting pot in an Alabama steel mill. Isn’t this what we want in our elected officials to pledge their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor when in office? Moore was maligned without merit even by his neighbors here in the state.

When we hear someone recite a passage from our founding fathers in a public speech, most are moved to great patriotism, emotion, and love for our great country. Because we have become so desensitized by the left about political correctness, the founding fathers would find subject to the modern day Judicial Inquiry Commission.

While most of us memorize verses, Chief Justice Roy Moore memorizes chapters, and these truths are embedded into the fabric of his daily life. He is a constitutional, historical, and biblical scholar all in one package. He is proven tried, tested, fearless, and fact driven.
Alabamians would like another Jeff Sessions (or a Patrick Henry type) serving as our U.S Senator. Moore has what it takes to be one of Alabama’s best native sons sent to our nation’s capitol.

That’s fact not fiction!

John W. Giles, the past president of the Christian Coalition of Alabama, owns Agnus Dei Farm and serves as chairman of Proven Conservative PAC, which supports Roy Moore.


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