2016 Election Night Flashback — Top 14 Media Meltdowns

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On Election Night 2016, I was about 60 to 65 percent sure Hillary would win,  and therefore emotionally preparing myself for all the hideous things that would come with such a thing — fascist Obamacare enshrined, further bake-the-cake mandates strangling my Christian faith, a more empowered central government, corruption galore, and a whole lot of Benghazis.

The one great hope I clung to was Michigan.

Something worth paying attention to had happened in that key state during the Democrat primary. The polls in Michigan were not just wrong, they were as wrong as wrong can be.

By the time Election Night rolled around, the Real Clear Politics poll of polls showed a Clinton lead of a whopping 21.4 percent over Bernie Sanders.

By the time it was all over, though, Sanders won Michigan by 1.5 percent.

In Indiana, Bernie was down seven points, he ended up winning by five. Though there was not much up-to-date polling (because Hillary was certain to win by a wide margin), Bernie won a huge upset in Minnesota. Clinton won Pennsylvania, but Bernie did better than expected. Same with West Virginia and North Carolina.

In key states, media polling was, again and again, underestimating Bernie’s support. This was not as true for Trump during the Republican primaries, so the Bernie results were not completely comforting. But there did seem to be a Trumpian portion of the Democrat electorate that polling was not picking up on.

Early on the evening of November 8, I was graciously invited to appear on the anti-Trump Daily Wire Election Night podcast and, of course, asked to make a prediction. With Bernie’s polling on my mind, I gave my 60 to 65 percent  prediction of a Hillary victory with this qualifier…

“Watch North Carolina,” I said. “North Carolina is all tied up. If North Carolina looks comfortable for Trump, then all the other state polling is probably wrong, which means Trump has a chance.”

Trump went on to win my home state by almost four points, and the rest is history.

My point is that the phony reality created by the Trump-Has-No-Path media did not consume me; well, not completely. But it did them — they fell 150% for their own propaganda, which made their crushing disappointment, inconsolable sorrow, and hysterical lamentations, all the more exquisite to watch.

Watching the media realize just how utterly wrong they were, watching the media realize that they no longer had the power to influence public opinion, watching everyday people rise up and give our corrupt media the all-American middle-finger… There is no way to describe just how joyful that was.

Back in 2004, when George W. Bush beat the media and won re-election, it seemed impossible that anything could be better than that. Those 12 long years were more than worth the wait.

So here they are, as many as I could round up… The glorious meltdowns of the smuggest, nastiest, most sanctimonious, self-righteous and dishonest people in America.

Watching terrible people get their comeuppance never gets old.


  1. At around the 50 second mark, ABC’s Martha Raddatz literally breaks down and cries … like a girl … and it is glorious:


  1. The Young Turks’ Ana Kasparian tells female Trump voters they are “f**king dumb” … and it is glorious.


  1. Those Young Turks again… You can watch the full 26 minute meltdown here, but here is THE moment … and it is glorious.


  1. CNN’s Jake Tapper is so discombobulated by Trump’s inevitable victory his poise completely falls apart as he accidentally admits he and Hillary are one with the word “we.” Wolf glancing over at the camera is almost as priceless.


  1. Tapper’s voice is still shaky here, but here it is… The glorious moment Trump-hating CNN learned Donald J. Trump would beat them all and won the presidency:


  1. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow melted down for two minutes … and it was glorious:


  1. Bitter CNN 9/11 Truther Van Jones blames Trump’s victory on a “whitelash.”


  1. Fully expecting Hillary to win, left-wing Stephen Colbert made the mistake of doing a live Election Night Showtime program … and at right around the 7 minute mark … it was glorious:


  1. Chris Matthews fact checks Rachel Maddow’s spin … and it was glorious:


  1. All those sad faces at CBS News are … glorious. Look at Charlie Rose with his shattered face is all squinched up like Popeye as he stares at the nothingness that is his credibility.


  1. Katie Couric and her online panel are shattered … and it’s glorious:


  1. James Carville on MSNBC is … glorious. Even more glorious? The guy who put up the YouTube video laughing uncontrollably at all the MSNBC anguish:


  1. Watch the hideous Morning Joe crew attempt to recover from misleading their viewers for months .. glorious:


  1. Finally, here is an exquisite montage of our awful elites, who are not only shattered by their own personal election loss, but by the realization that they no longer matter, that all their moral authority was a fabricated mirage that only fooled them:

When the media is in emotional pain, that can only mean good things for America and Americans.


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