Left Smothers Kate Steinle Verdict with Progressive Narratives

Michael Macor/San Francisco Chronicle via AP

Progressives reacted to the shocking Kate Steinle verdict by claiming that the law has proven the killing was an accident, and by touting gun control, and by downplaying the killer’s identity as an illegal immigrant who hid in a sanctuary city after being deported five times.

The jury declared Zarate not guilty of the first-degree murder of Steinle, so the killing must be an accident, tweeted progressives.

Progressives argued that Republicans were “scapegoating immigrants,” even though Zarate did kill Steinle, was not a legal immigrant, but was an illegal immigrant who sneaked back into the country five times to hide under San Francisco’s “sanctuary city” policies.

Major progressive news outlets played up the progressive themes, and also relabelled the killer as a normal “Mexican man” or an “undocumented immigrant,” just not a five-deportation, city-protected, illegal alien.

Democrats also tried to shift the focus to their campaign to control private ownership of guns.



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