‘Trunk Abortionist’ Caught with Baby Remains in Car Sentenced to Probation and $798 Fine

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An abortionist who was found with 14 containers of aborted baby remains in the trunk of his car, as well as stolen abortion equipment and narcotics, was sentenced to 18 months of probation and a fine of $798.

Judge Michael Servitto of Macomb County Circuit Court in Michigan delivered the sentence to Michael Arthur Roth, 75 – now known as the “trunk abortionist.”

The probation term was agreed upon earlier by Roth and Servitto, reports Macomb Daily.

Roth entered a plea of “No Contest” to three felony counts of larceny from a building. He had an accomplice steal drugs and medical equipment used for abortions from his former employer, abortionist Angel Ojeda, who operates the Eastland Women’s Center in Eastpointe, Michigan.

Right to Life of Michigan says the sentence is a mere “slap on the wrist.”

“It’s outrageous that a man with a long record of violations can get off with so little for three felony convictions,” said Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing.

In late September 2015, the discovery of the contents of Roth’s trunk came about haphazardly after he hit a man with special needs, critically injuring him. During the search of his car, as police were investigating the accident, they discovered the aborted baby remains in containers and the medical equipment. Fentanyl, a sedative, along with Midazolam, used for anesthesia, and six prescription bottles of antibiotic Ciprofloxacin – with no labels – were also found in the console of the passenger compartment.

One month later, police searched Roth’s residence and found three vials of Fentanyl and six vials of Methylergonvine Maleate, a drug used to treat uterine bleeding, Macomb Daily further reports.

Roth has a history of performing illegal abortions in women’s homes. Right to Life of Michigan has documented some of his violations. He was also disciplined in 2002 for prescribing drugs without a license, and then again in 2004 for violating patient consent laws. The abortionist was also accused of falsifying medical records and performing illegal late-term abortions.

In 2012, Roth was given a sentence of six months of probation and a $15,000 fine for public health code violations that involved botched abortions. Roth’s most recent abortion business, called Novi Laser and Aesthetic Center, closed in 2014.

In 1988, the New York Times reported that Roth would help women determine the sex of their unborn baby by either performing prenatal testing himself or referring them to another provider. He would then perform abortions on women who wanted to select the sex of their baby.

“I have no ethical problems with it, absolutely not,” Roth reportedly said. “I think that abortion should be available on demand.”

In August – amid accusations of negligence, incompetence, a lack of moral character, illegal possession of a controlled substance, and betrayal of professional competence – Roth’s medical license was suspended for one year and he was fined $25,000 – terms that were the result of an agreement with the Michigan Board of Medicine’s Disciplinary Subcommittee.

“Just like the Kermit Gosnell case in Philadelphia, abortionists with long records don’t receive needed public scrutiny,” Listing said. “It allows these abortionists to continue to get away with things others couldn’t. Roth is not an outlier, but the face of the abortion industry in Michigan and nationally.”


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