Soaring Economic Enthusiasm Boosts Trump’s Approval Rating

donald trump
AP/Charlie Neibergall

Thanks to a rapidly expanding economy, a booming stock market, real job growth, and the optimism that comes with all of that, President Trump’s approval rating jumped to 42 percent, according to CNBC.

Despite the firehose of fake Russia news pouring out of the national media — most especially CNN and the Washington Post — and the same media’s ongoing attempt to downplay the economy’s swift turnaround, voters have still taken notice of something America’s “experts” told them would not be possible under a President Trump.

In the third quarter of 2017, the American economy boomed to 3.3 percent growth, and that was with two hurricanes. Some estimates predict growth as high as four percent for this coming quarter, a promise Trump frequently made on the campaign trail that was ridiculed by the media as nearly impossible.

On top of this economic growth, positive unemployment and job creation numbers have also boosted the optimism of a country that suffered through eight long years of a President Obama who only seemed interested in managing our decline, raising taxes, exploding the deficit, and burying job creators in government red tape.

CNBC’s survey found that for the first time in 11 long years, more than half of those surveyed rated our economy as “good or excellent.”

Moreover, a near record of respondents, 41 percent, are optimistic that the economy will improve in 2018.  A full 42 percent expect their wages to increase, while 41 percent are confident the values of their homes will increase.

Also on the rise is Trump’s job approval numbers. That 42 approval number is an increase of four points since September. Only 49 percent disapprove, a drop of three points. Overall that is a net-seven point improvement for the president.

A full 47 percent approve of Trump’s handling of the economy, including more than half of independent voters.

While the survey also shows that only 26 percent approve of the GOP tax plan that is expected to pass Tuesday, only 38 percent disapprove — a number you would expect to be much higher in the polarized times. What this shows, in my opinion, is that voters want to wait for the economic results overall and on their own paychecks before judging one way or another.

With the Mueller investigator into Russia seemingly tainted beyond repair and the Russian-collusion egg on the national media’s face growing by the day, if the economy continues to boom along with the everyone’s 401 (K) as Wall Street continues to hit record highs, 2018 could mean even better things for the economy and Trump’s job approval rating.

Whatever one might think of the president, it is simply a fact that while the media, Democrats, the FBI, Mueller, the federal bureaucracy, and any number of Republicans, all joined arms to destroy him, Trump kept his eye on the economic ball.

He has slashed red tape, talked up the economy, pushed for pro-growth tax cuts, sold American workers to the world, and expressed a contagious confidence in our future. Because of this, we are all benefiting in the only way that matters — our standard of living and belief in the promise of our future.

For eight despairing years, in order to grade Obama on a curve and justify government largesse, our media lied to us about the possibilities of job creation and economic growth. And now, as if to give the media yet another reason to hate him, Trump is once again outing their lies.

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