Parents Protest, Fight Iranian Guards over Imprisonment of Protesters in Evin

Iranian students protest at the University of Tehran during a demonstration driven by anger over economic problems, in the capital Tehran on December 30, 2017

Videos have surfaced of Iranian parents protesting outside of Iran’s Evin Prison, some setting up encampments and confronting police, in defense of individuals arrested for protesting in the past two weeks.

A man in the video above can be heard saying, in Farsi, “Parents have set up tents and are waiting to find out what the fate of their children will be.”

Despite the Islamic regime’s attempts to stifle and shut down the people’s uprising and calls for freedom by shutting down access to crucial social media platforms used by Iranians to communicate, like Telegram and Instagram, platforms like Twitter are being used to push the truth and keep the momentum going.

On Wednesday, security forces and protesters—including parents of detained protesters—reportedly clashed outside Evin prison indicating the end of these protests is far from over.

Radio Free Europe reported, “Among the protesters are parents whose children have been detained following the government’s crackdown on antigovernment protests. Some parents have been protesting for days and have erected tents outside the prison.”

Similarly, the National Council of Resistance for Iran (NCRI)—a dissident group active around the world—noted on its website:

On the 30th day of the nationwide uprising on Sunday, more than 150 members of families of those detained during the uprising gathered outside Tehran’s notorious Evin prison to protest against the ongoing detention of their children and relatives. Some 100 other family members of the detainees also protested outside the clerical regime’s Revolutionary Court in Moalem Street, Tehran.

So far, the mainstream media is reporting that there are at least 22 deaths. However, according to the Iranian opposition, 50 people have died since protests began on December 28; that number is expected to rise.

According to Al Arabiya—based in Iran’s Sunni regional rival Saudi Arabia—reports from inside Iran and from within the regime suggest at least 8,000 people have been detained so far. A 23-year-old student protester arrested and taken into custody during the Iranian uprising reportedly died while in custody at Evin Prison last Sunday. Iranian authorities claim that Sina Ghanbari committed suicide.

On Friday, President Donald Trump announced that the United States will stay in the Iran nuclear deal but that the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has designated 14 individuals and entities, including some from China, in connection with serious human rights abuses and censorship in Iran.

“The United States will not stand by while the Iranian regime continues to engage in human rights abuses and injustice,” Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin said. “We are targeting the Iranian regime, including the head of Iran’s judiciary, for its appalling mistreatment of its citizens, including those imprisoned solely for exercising their right to freedom of peaceful assembly, and for censoring its own people as they stand up in protest against their government.”

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