Presidential Doctor Reports Donald Trump Did ‘Exceedingly Well’ on Cognitive Assessment, 30/30

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President Donald Trump’s doctor, Admiral Ronny Jackson, repeatedly reassured reporters during Tuesday’s White House press briefing that the President is in excellent physical and cognitive health and achieved a perfect 30 out of 30 score on an extensive cognitive test during last week’s physical exam.

The doctor stated that they administered the Montreal Cognitive Assessment during the President’s physical exam that took place last week at Walter Reed Medical Center. The doctor said that he did not originally plan on doing a cognitive assessment as he has seen the president and interacted with him almost every day and did not see a need for it; however, the President requested that a cognitive assessment be included in the examination of his health.

The President scored a 30 out of 30 on the cognitive assessment. Jackson said that the President did “exceedingly well” on the extensive test of his cognitive health.

Asked by members of the media about the President’s fitness for office, Jackson said that based on his exam and day to day interactions, “Absolutely, he is fit for duty.”

If the President had any impairment it would show up on the exam, according to the doctor; he absolutely has no cognitive or mental issues per the test.

The doctor stated that hands down Trump is in the excellent range for a male of his age, partially based on his excellent cardiac health.

The primary suggestion Trump was given as a result of the exam was to improve his exercise practices and his diet.

Asked about the President’s sleep habits, Jackson said that he thinks the President is just someone that doesn’t require as much sleep. He sleeps about four or five hours a night and always has, which goes to why Trump has been so successful in his life.

As to whether the President should get more sleep, the doctor said sure, but  he seems to do well with the amount of sleep he gets and he is not concerned. He later added that the President’s stress level was not a concern and that it appears Trump has the ability to wake up each day and start fresh.

Jackson responded to a question about doctors who have publicly given opinions about the President’s  health, without having actually examined him. He called the commentary “tabloid psychiatry” and recommended against making comments on someone’s mental fitness without having examined that person.

Jackson emphasized that he believes the President’s lifelong abstention from tobacco and alcohol has greatly contributed to his excellent health.

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