Eric Trump: The Media Do Not Understand This Country

President Donald Trump speaks during a press conference at the White House in Washington, DC
AFP/File Nicholas Kamm

Eric Trump described the frustrations that he had with the media, despite all the success his father had as president.

“The media of this country does not understand the tone of this country,” he said. “They don’t understand that at all.”

Trump made his remarks during a CPAC conversation with Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk alongside students and activists in the conservative movement.

He described how it felt to spend his days on the campaign trail speaking to voters and then watching the news broadcasts at the end of the day.

Trump referred to an interview he had during the campaign with ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos who accused him of “living in a bubble,” when he said that the polls were wrong and his father would win.

“You’re sitting in a little sound studio on Broadway in New York and you’re reporting from here and you’re going to these parties with your little socialite friends, and I’m literally at every single victory office in the country,” he said.

Trump said he respected his father for continuing to fight the media and fight for the country.

“This country has been in such dire need of having a fighter,” he said. “We haven’t had a fighter in a long time. And so often he gets knocked for that, and I hate it.”

Trump urged students and activists at CPAC to fight for their beliefs despite the hatred and bullying from the left.

“We have to fight, we have to fight in so many ways, we’re going to be attacked, we’re all going to be attacked, believe me, there’s probably no people in the world that get attacked more than us,” he said.

Despite the hate, Trump said, more supporters needed to be publicly vocal about their beliefs to get the other side of their story to the rest of the country.

“Freedom of speech – there has to be debate – the second their stops being a debate in this country, everything shuts down,” he said.

Trump said that despite his father’s victory, the media continued to only tell one side of the story — one of opposition.

“We can’t have a silenced class,” he told the students. “It’s important that you go out there and you keep wearing the red, and you lead these student body organizations, and you keep fighting for what matters.”


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