Mick Mulvaney to Conservatives: Government ‘Not Out to Get You Anymore’ Under Trump

Trump Hard Hats W. Virginia
Mark Lyons/Getty Images

NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland — President Donald Trump’s Director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney wants Americans to know that the federal government has changed under the Trump administration.

“We’re not out to get you anymore,” he said during a Saturday panel at the Conservative Political Action Conference. “Go out, do what you do, do your job, start a company, do something, take a chance, be Americans, go out and prove to Americans that this capitalism works.”

Mulvaney touted the Trump administration’s tax cuts and cuts in regulation as their effort to show Americans and businesses that the message from Washington, DC had changed.

He defended the bi-partisan Congressional budget deal, despite the Democrats’ insistence on increased domestic spending.

“That was a negotiation, and that’s why we ended up spending so much more than the president wanted,” he said.

He described the extra billions in spending as an “extortion payment” from the Democrats that the president had to swallow in return for increasing military spending.

If Americans wanted better, more fiscally responsible conservatives in Washington, Mulvaney urged them to send them to Congress in the midterm elections.

“What’s the way to do better on spending? Elect more Republicans,” he said.


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