Delingpole: South Australia Ousts Eco-Loon Government; Ends Disastrous Green Experiment

Elon Musk during his presention during Tesla Powerpack Launch Event at Hornsdale Wind Farm
Mark Brake/Getty

South Australia has ousted the left-wing, eco-loon government responsible for the disastrous green energy policy which has often plunged the state into darkness, hamstrung industry and driven electricity prices to stratospheric highs.

Jo Nova reports:

In South Australia, Jay Weatherill is goneResignedTally so far: Libs win 24 seats, Labor 18. Though according to commenters SA voters were choosing between Lite-Left and Hopeless-Left. The new premier will likely be less-bad. Xenophon (small alternate non-establishment player) was crushed. He didn’t side with either Labor or Libs, so voters probably felt they couldn’t afford to sit on the fence and risk more years of Weatherill’s reckless industry-destroying state government.

The Greens are down from 8.7% to 6.6%, a fall of 25% in their popularity. (Not that I could find any news headlines to that effect).

Under premier Jay Weatherill, the state of South Australia had become an international laughing stock. By pushing the renewables experiment harder than any country in the world – blowing up its last coal-fired power station; boosting wind power to 40 percent of the state’s total energy capacity – it provided an object lesson in just how incompatible green virtue-signalling is with the demands of a 21st century industrial economy.

The final straw was when snake-oil salesman Elon Musk rode into town, promising to rescue the state with a $50 million patented publicity stunt giant battery. This battery, as Paul Homewood was rude enough to notice, will do virtually nothing for South Australia’s energy problems. But that, of course, was never the point. Rather – like the car in space – it was yet another example of Elon Musk’s “look! A squirrel!” policy designed to distract the world from fact that Tesla’s share price deserves to be about 75 percent lower than it currently is…


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