Border Wall Could Be Funded for Less than Two Percent of Omnibus Bill

border wall

Earlier this week, Congress approved a $1.3 trillion omnibus bill to fund the federal government. But despite the bill’s huge cost, it did not include full funding for a wall across the United States’ southern border, even though it would have cost less than two percent of the bill’s total.

The Trump administration has asked for $25 billion to fund the border wall in its entirety. As a percentage of $1.3 trillion – the total cost of the omnibus bill – this amounts to just 1.92 percent of the total.

But Congress granted just $1.6 billion in border wall finance, which amounts to a paltry 0.12 percent.

President Trump is now threatening to veto the bill on the grounds that it does not provide a deal for border wall funding. Trump has repeatedly offered to tie border wall funding to a deal on DACA reform, but the Democrats have so far refused his offer.

The omnibus bill has been widely criticized for its wasteful spending, with Sen. Rand Paul – who voted “no” – making a particular effort to highlight the worst examples from the 2,232-page behemoth.

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