Delingpole: Liberals Furious that New Head of NASA Is a Climate Change Skeptic

In this photo dated February, 2017 and provided by the Office of Congressman Jim Bridenstine, Bill Nye, left, and Jim Bridenstine, right, pose for a photo. Bridenstine, President Donald Trump’s pick to head NASA, says he plans to invite Bill Nye "The Science Guy" to be his guest of honor …
Megan Wenrich/Office of Congressman Jim Bridenstine via AP

NASA’s new Administrator Jim Bridenstine is a climate change skeptic – and naturally the usual suspects are furious.

Bridenstine, an ex-Navy flier, was nominated as long ago as September last year but it has taken till now – a seven month delay – for his appointment to be confirmed because of the inevitable resistance from Democrats and other members of the Climate Industrial Complex.

Among the few Dems not to join in the general wailing, oddly enough, was none other than that ardent climate alarmist Bill Nye.

This is either a testament to Nye’s malleable principles or to Bridenstine’s bravura schmoozing skills. The duo became friends when Oklahoma Congressman Bridenstine invited Nye to the State of the Union in January this year.

Bridenstine explained his decision at the time like this:

“Bill Nye has been inspiring countless young people to enter the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math since before we used STEM as an acronym.  Our country needs these disciplines now more than ever.  It is an honor to have ‘The Science Guy’ as my guest at the State of the Union Address.”

Neither party brought up the awkward subject of climate change. But liberals noticed and they weren’t impressed.

Here is how CNN reported it:

Nye has been an outspoken critic of those who deny the impact of climate change and has called for policies to address it.

Bridenstine has previously expressed scientifically inaccurate and skeptical views about climate change. Speaking on the House floor in 2013, he incorrectly said that global temperatures stopped rising 10 years earlier. In a 2016 interview with Aerospace America, Bridenstine argued that the climate is simply always changing.

During a confirmation hearing for the NASA administrator post in November, Bridenstine attested to the existence of climate change and humankind’s role in it, but would not say if humans were the primary contributors to climate change. The current consensus, according to NASA, is that “climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities.”

Still, Bridenstine’s confirmation will be good news for those old-fashioned types among us who believe that NASA’s main job should be space exploration, rather than promoting Muslim outreach or bolstering the climate alarmist narrative with faked data.


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