WATCH: Off-Duty Female Officer Shoots Alleged Would-Be Robber at Point Blank Range

WATCH: Off-Duty Female Officer Shoots Alleged Would-Be Robber at Point Blank Range
LiveLeak Feed/YouTube

A video released May 12 shows an off-duty female officer in Brazil draw her gun and shoot a would-be robber as he approached and allegedly pointed his gun at mothers and their children gathered on the sidewalk.

Liveleak reports that the incident occurred “in front of a kindergarten in the neighborhood of Cruzeiro do Sul, in the central region of Suzano.” reports:

A military off duty police officer, who had gone to a Mother’s Day celebration at the school where her daughter is studying in Suzano, shot a suspect in front of the unit. According to the Military Police, the 21-year-old suspect was carrying a .38 caliber revolver and had already approached other mothers awaiting the opening of the gate, as well as having searched the school’s security to see if he was armed.

Still according to the PM, the police officer saw the move and heard a woman saying it was robbery. At this point, the police officer moved away, pulled out the gun and fired three times at the suspect.

The suspect succumbed to his wounds.

It must be noted that gun laws in Brazil are very stringent. So stringent, in fact, that criminals, police, and military personnel are armed while law-abiding citizens are forced to jump through myriad hoops just to purchase a gun for home defense, much less carry one.

And what has such gun control wrought? Insight Crime reported last year that 19 of the 50 deadliest cities in Latin America are in Brazil.

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